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Vulval Pain and Discomfort Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Vulva is the women sensitive area present in between women's legs. Area of vulva includes vagina, labia majora, labia minora, urethra, perineum, and anus. The area is visible and it is considered sensitive part of women, because vulva undergoes through tough conditions of pregnancy, menstrual periods and intercourse sessions.

What is Vulval Pain?

Vulval pain is often termed as vestibulitis. In this condition women experience severe pain and inflammation in their vaginal opening which is termed as vestibule. The pain may occur due to following reasons.

1. Wearing tight fittings and paints may cause pain in vulvar area.

2. Ridding bike or horse may cause rash on vulva area.

3. Pain in vagina may also occur due to yeast presence on vestibule.

4. Vulva area may also get bacterial infected which cause pain on that area.

5. Chemicals used at that area may cause pain and discomfort.

6. Certain creams, soaps and douches also act as active agent in causing itching and discomfort.

7. Condoms contain certain lubricants which, when rubs, cause pain on area of vulva.

8. Continuous vaginal discharge and sweatiness may cause bacteria to grow their and it will eventually result into pain itchiness and swelling.

9. Certain environmental and climate change may also cause allergy to grow at this sensitive area of women.

10. Menstrual period of women also accompany pain and discomfort due to blood discharge during these days.

11. Any injury or continuous itchiness may cause pain and discomfort.

12. Vaginal penetration during intercourse may also results into pain in that area and surrounding.

Severity of Pain

Pain of vulva is as severe as it can get. Women may experience difficult in walking and sitting. Condition can even become worst when women menstrual discharge occurs.

Prevention and Treatment

Pain and discomfort can be diagnosed by taking care of you, taking medicines, and taking proper guidance of doctor. Following points must be taken into accounts.

1. Avoid using lubricants on vaginal area.

2. Oral medications should be taken in order to comfort the pain.

3. Chemicals and creams should be avoided as it may cause pain to increase due too presence of strong chemicals.

4. Soap should never be used under any condition. Even mild soap contains elements which will ultimately increase the pain.

5. Topical creams and oils may be used at the area to ease the area and decrease itching.

6. Soft and cotton clothes are recommended during vulval pain and discomfort. Tight fittings and undergarments should not be used during this period.

7. Against yeast infection it is recommended to use anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cream as it will remove yeast and bacteria from the vulval area. Ultimately itching gets lowered day by day.

8. Herbs like garlic and astragalus are also very effective in treating vulval cancer.

9. An herb called self heal is widely used for treatment of vulval cancer. Self heal is rich in vitamin A, B, C and K and is also regarded as big resource of essential fatty acid which reduce the further reproduction of viruses.

10. Severe conditions of pain may also result even surgery of specific vulval area to remove cells and tissues causing itchiness.

11. Exercising and proper diet can also change pain and discomfort of vulva.

12. Vulval pain can be minimized by opting self care, medications and proper doctoral advice.

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