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Vulval Cancer Types, Symptoms, Staging and Grading

Vulval cancer relates with vulva. The vulva is the main vaginal area of female.

Vulval cancer can take place on any part of vulva but most common areas of cancer are inner lips and outer lips. Clitoris is the less common place where cancer occurs. Perineum is also considered common for cancer cells.

There are different types of vulval cancer. Let's look all of them one by one.

Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common cancer among vulval cancer. It relates with skin of vulva and 90% of vulval cancer is due to development of squamous cell on skin of vulva.

Vulval melanoma is less common than the squamous cell and it occurs from the pigment producing cell which is responsible in giving color to vulval skin.

Adenocarcinoma is rare cancer of vulva and it occurs from the cells which line glands and are present at vulval skin.

Basal cell carcinoma is also very rare and it is found only in some patients noticeably of US. It develops from Basal cells which are found at deepest layer of vulva.

Sarcoma is quicker to develop but rare in its type. It grows from cells in muscles of vulva and tissues present in fat under the skin.

Common symptoms

1. You feel itching and burning in area surrounding vulva.

2. Wart like development and swelling may occur on vulva.

3. Discoloring of skin may occur due to cancer cells. It can be red patch, white patch or dark patch which can occur on skin of vulva.

4. You may experience abnormal discharge problem.

5. Your vagina may get blood and become blood stained.

6. Pain is common symptom of this cancer.

7. Area of vulva may become sore or ulcerated.

8. Mole of different shape and color may develop in vulval area.


Grading of vulval cancer is done in order to check appearance of cancer cells. In this regard one can track the exact growth and speed of cancer cells development. There are three grades which define vulval cancer cells.

1. Low grade is slow and there is less chance of their growth. They are similar and alike normal cells of vulva.

2. Moderate grade is the stage which is more severe than low grade. In that stage cells appearance is bit different than normal cells.

3. High grade cells are abnormal and they have high growth. They have tendency to spread faster than previous two.


Treatment of vulval cancer depends upon severity of cancer. Since there are many types of vulval cancer hence different stages define growth and spread of cancer cells. It has four stages stage 1, stage 1a, stage 1b, stage 2, stage 3, and stage 4.

Different stage requires different treatment and at any case doctor must be consulted. However many natural herbs are also very effective in treatment of vulval cancer.

Garlic happens to have antiviral characteristic and other than daily consumption as a food item it can also be directly applied on the affected area.

Similarly Astraglus is also regarded as a very effective herb widely used in treatment of vulval cancer. It makes your immune system very strong and also very effectual against HPV cancers like vulval cancer.

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