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Vaginal Yeast Infections Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Vaginitis, is a condition, in which, the vagina suffers from infection. The infection can be caused by bacteria, protozoan or yeast. The irritation of vulva caused by yeast infection is called vulvitis, and excessive growth of yeast in vagina may cause vaginal yeast infection. The infection is caused by the excessive growth of fungus called Candida albicans. Although, small quantities of yeast can be found in the vagina in twenty to thirty percent women but excessive growth of infection may cause itchiness and burning sensation.

Sometimes the protective bacteria are eradicated due to some medical problems and it may cause itching and yeast infection.

Some common symptoms of yeast infection are

1. Pain and soreness

2. Swelling and rash on the skin

3. Thick white discharge

Causes of yeast infection

1. Stress and excess physical work without taking rest

2. Personal hygiene

3. Pregnancy

4. Taking too much sugar in diet

5. Medical conditions - Diseases such as diabetes and HIV/AIDS can cause the problem.

6. Taking birth control pills or steroids

7. Hormonal changes

8. Weak immune system


1. Use of allergic substances or scented products should be avoided.

2. Do not wear tight clothes and clothes made from synthetic fabric material. Wear only cotton clothes.

3. Swimsuits and wet clothes should be changed immediately.

4. Hot baths should be avoided.

5. Colored toilet paper and perfumes may cause imbalance in the acidity level and lead to yeast infection.


The problem is diagnosed by testing a specimen of the discharge and analyzing it under a microscope. This is the best and cheapest way to detect the presence of yeast.


1. If the infectious yeast Candida is found in women but it is not causing any symptoms or pain, then no treatment is required.

2. Sometimes, the infections are caused by more than one microbe and then mixed treatments will be needed to cure the problem.

3. Women generally have repeated yeast infections and it is also called vulvovagina candidiases. It is mostly found in women who suffer from diabetes or the ones who have a weak auto immune system.

4. Women can take oral antifungal medicines to treat yeast infections, but sometimes infections caused by bacteria and gonorrhea, have similar symptoms. The patient should get examined from an expert to find the accurate reason for symptoms.

5. There are many tablets, which can cure yeast infection and there are also oral medicines, which can be taken to kill the infection. Medical practitioners find vaginal treatments better than oral medicines because of the reduced side effects of the medicines. Oral antifungal medicines can have certain side effects such as abdominal pain, headaches and nausea. For yeast infection oral medicines such as fluconazole can be used and vaginal tablets used for the curing the infections are clotrimazole, miconazole, terconazole and nystatin.

6. If a woman has the symptoms, she may transmit it to her partner, but experts are not sure if this could be transmitted on having unprotected sex or not.

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