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Vaginal Prolapse Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Vaginal prolapse is generally termed as female genital prolapse. Vagina is the passage in a female from the outer sex organs to the womb and prolapse is the condition in which an organ of the body is slipped forward or down so as to be out of the place.

What is Vaginal Prolapse?

Female's vagina is the arrangement of muscles, and ligaments which is surrounded by skin. This multifaceted structure provides a support to the pelvic organs and tissues to be remained in their places. If, due to any reason, any part of this supportive arrangement gets weaken or break, it will result in a condition called vagina prolapse. The most common reason is the vagina's extension. This extension occurs when its walls get swelled from the front or back.

From childhood to young age, throughout the life, many changes occur in women's pelvic structure. This change may create vaginal problems. The research has found that approximately 30-40% females get this problem in their lifetime. This disease is more common in females older than 40 years. The disease also varies among different races of the world. Usually it is more found in Caucasian women. They get infected when their pelvic floor collapses at the time of child birth.


There are various types of vaginal Prolapse and every type has different stages. In fact, all parts (rectum, bladder, bowl and womb) that build the vagina lead to various types of vaginal prolapse. It means, when any of these parts get damaged or broken, it may lead this problem. Few of the most common types are as follows -

1. Prolapse of the rectum
2. Prolapse of the bladder
3. Herniated small bowl
4. Womb
5. Vaginal vault prolapse


The most common reason are aging, having multiple childbirths or overweight baby births. Because the vagina walls are flexible to provide space to the baby during pregnancy, but sometimes this flexibility can damage the vagina. Menopause (the time when the women stops having periods) can also weaken down the pelvic structure which results into vaginal prolapse. Other sources include -

1. Fatness
2. Overage
3. Exhausting or tiring physical activities
4. Irregularity in periods
5. Nerves and ligaments may not working properly
6. Weakness in any part of the pelvic structure

Signs and Symptoms

It has been seen that many females do not have any clear symptoms of vaginal prolapse. Many women, who are facing this problem, feel shame to discuss it to the doctor.

If you feel that something is coming down or distressing in your vagina, it means you may have this problem. The common symptoms are -

1. Feeling stress and weight in vagina
2. Having regular urinary infections
3. Swelling or chunk at the opening of the vagina
4. Constipation
5. Swelling at the front or back wall of vagina
6. Wide opening of vagina

What Should You Do If You Have this Problem?

The most effective precautionary measures that a female can take are -

1. Avoid heaving lifting
2. Take rest and relax yourself
3. Take liquids in your food
4. Special exercises like pelvic muscle exercise can also be helpful
5. Stop taking drugs like cigarettes

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