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Vaginal Dryness and Infections Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Vaginal dryness can be caused with due to some infections or due to menopause. Dryness may make the vagina less lubricated, which may cause pain. It is common in women of all ages but it is more found in women after menopause.


1. Itching

2. Burning sensation

3. Pressure and pain, which can cause bleeding

Causes of dryness

1. Estrogen level - A reduced estrogen level in the body of a woman may cause dryness. Estrogen makes the vagina thick and as the estrogen level decreases it becomes thin, dry and fragile.

2. Causes for low estrogen level - Women have a low estrogen level during menopause and it also happens when the ovaries are removed. There are many other life phases when a woman may have a low estrogen level such as pregnancy, childbirth and nursing. Taking infertility drugs and hormonal contraceptives may also reduce the hormone in the body of a woman. Stress and fatigue is also responsible for reducing the hormone in the body of women.

3. Vaginitis - It can cause inflammation in the vulva and it is caused by hormonal changes, infections, viruses or poor hygiene. There are many types of infections found in Vaginitis, which includes yeast infections, bacterial infection and viral infection. Yeast infection can cause dryness.

4. Medication - Taking medication and the process of cleansing with certain chemicals can cause changes in the chemical balance of the fluid found in the vagina and it may cause dryness. There are many medicines and drugs which can cause dryness such as antidepressants; antibiotics and decongestants. Many patients may suffer from dryness after taking treatment for cancer, allergy, ulcer and blood pressure. Taking radiation therapy and chemotherapy can also cause the problem.

5. Sjogren's syndrome - It is an autoimmune disorder, in which the immune system of the patient destroys the mucus secreting glands of the body and the patients may suffer from irritation in eye, mouth and feel difficult in swallowing food and vaginal dryness.

6. Allergy - Allergy can be caused by tampons, medicines, condoms, perfumes, toilet paper dyes or detergents. Allergies can cause dryness.

7. Soaps - There are many soaps and chemicals, which can cause the problem.

8. Vaginal Trauma can be a reason for reduction in mucus level.

9. Cancer and STD - STDs are venereal diseases, which can cause irritation, pain and dryness in the genetalia, and it can even cause infertility.

Prevention and therapies to treat

Woman suffering from dryness should not take chemicals or lotions, which can cause allergies and infections. There are certain products such as yoghurt, vinegar, which can cause the infection and even taking medication without prescriptions should be avoided. Avoid chemicals fragrances and dye products.

Hormonal replacement therapy (HRT), creams and estradiol rings can be used cure thinning. Localized estrogen therapies can be taken to lubricate and moisturize the walls of the skin and it even reduces irritation in the urinary tract. There are other forms of treatments used for the condition such as water based lubricant used to increase vaginal comfort and to inhibit the growth of microorganism.

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