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Causes of Vaginal Discharge, Leucorrhea

Vaginal discharge may not be a problem if it is clear and has no odor. Women reproductive organs may release fluids to clean the body and the color of the discharge is thick when a woman ovulates or breastfeeds, but sometimes, the discharge is smelly and it may even cause irritation. If the discharge has other symptoms such as itchiness and burning sensation, or if the discharge has blood, then it may be a problem.

Symptoms of infections

1. Itching
2. Swelling
3. Foul odor
4. Color of discharge either yellow, green or grey
5. Cottage cheese like fluid

Causes of irritation

Chemicals: Irritation can be caused due to the use of chemicals such as creams, ointments, contraceptives, detergents or jellies.

Stress: Stress can also cause itching and it makes the vagina susceptible to infections.


1. Bacterial vaginosis is an infection caused by bacteria Gardnerella vaginalis and it is also an infection, which is not sexually transmitted. The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are: release of white, yellow or gray color discharge and the fluid is fishy in smell. The odor gets strong after applying soap and one may have burning and itching sensation. The area may look red in color.

2. Vaginal yeast infection can cause discharge like curd and it can be caused by the use of birth control pills, pregnancy, antibiotics, use of condoms, diabetes or weak immune system. Yeast infection is not transmitted from a partner and the infection can also be present in women, who are sweating in hot climatic conditions. Sometimes, there are no particular reasons for yeast infection.

The symptoms of yeast infections are release of white cottage cheese like discharge, swelling in the vulva, itching and pain. The infections can be treated by using medications which are inserted into the vagina or by taking oral medicines.

3. Trichomoniasis, chlamydia and gonorrhea are infections, which are STDs and can cause different forms of discharge.

4. Trichomoniasis can cause greenish, yellowish or watery discharge, which can be bubbly. The fluid is more common after monthly cycle.

5. Vaginitis is an infection, which can cause foul smelling fluid and it can cause itching.

Precautions to prevent infections

1. Do not use perfumed toilet paper.

2. Douches should not be applied as it can disturb the hormonal balance of the region, which prevents infections.

3. Clean the genitals from front to back after urinating or after having a bowel movement. Prevent infections by keeping the area dry as infection of bacteria or virus can grow in area which is unclean and moist.

4. Yoghurt helps in growth of bacteria, which can help the vagina to sustain the natural bacteria.

5. If you are overweight, try to reduce weight. Reduce intake of sugar to prevent diabetes.

6. Wear cotton clothes and avoid synthetic fabric material on the genitals.

7. Excessive heat or sweating may make the area susceptible to bacterial infection.

8. If you are suffering from infection, do not scratch it. Restrain from lovemaking activities if you are suffering from any infection, as it prevents the infection from spreading.

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