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Thrush in Women Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Thrush is a disease that occurs both in women and men in different parts of the body. It is far more common in women than it is in men. Thrush is caused by the growth of yeast on the surface of the body, which is called Candida albicans. It is also known as a yeast infection or candidiasis. This diseases leads to a large amount of itching and sores popping up around the area of infection. It is usually seen in areas such as the mouth, stomach, throat and the vagina. The occurrence of vaginal thrush is the most common in women.

It is easy to recognize thrush when it occurs. It is associated with itching and the growth of sores and lesions around the area of infection. When thrush occurs in the mouth, it leads to white lesions erupting on the roof of the mouth, on the tongue and crusting of the lip area. These lesions are often full of yeast and will bleed or erupt if they are scratched or even scraped slightly. Unless treated immediately, they can spread to the food pipe and make it extremely difficult to eat or swallow any kind of food or drink.

When thrush spreads deep inside the body, it affects digestion and breathing as well. There is severe chest pain, waves of nausea and occasional bouts of vomiting as well.

In women, thrush can also occur around the vaginal region. This is a disease that affects almost all women at least once in their lifetime. For some, it can become a recurring problem while for others it only happens in one instance and then disappears. Vaginal thrush in women is characterised by increasing itching and burning around the vaginal region as well as soreness. It may also be accompanied by a whitish discharge, which is thick and smells of yeast. It becomes difficult for the woman to walk around or even sit for a prolonged period of time and there may also be a burning sensation while urinating.

Thrush can also be passed from breast feeding mothers onto their new-born infants. They should in particular keep strict checks on the infant's health as well as their own at all points of time.

It is easy to confuse thrush with other forms of bacterial infection, in particular urinary infection in case of vaginal thrush. The best way to combat this disease is to first and foremost maintain a sense of personal hygiene and avoid the excessive growth of yeast on the body. When it has been correctly diagnosed, there are many different treatments that can be used in curing it. Creams, gels and a course of pills can easily cure thrush as can other simple home remedies. If unchecked for a long time, thrush in women can cause several other problems which will remain untreated till the real cause is found. It is best to consult one's gynaecologist the moment you display any signs of the disease whatsoever.

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