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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in Women

Sexually transmitted diseases, in short STDs, are a type of infection. It passes on to another person by any sexual contact. This contact includes both homosexual and heterosexual relations. It is a type of disease which does not necessarily require any diffusion. Unfortunately this disease does not have any prominent symptoms. It is a transferable disease. It means an infected person does have the capability to infect others normally through sexual relations.

Transmitting ways of STDs

The most common transportation of STDs is through medicine and needles that are previously used for an infected person. Other routes include childbirth, breastfeeding and vaginal, secretions, or blood fluids of the body.

STDs or infections can become major reasons of infertility in both men and women. Some STDs have very cruel outcomes especially for women. If you do not take care of this disease, it may leads to cervical cancer and other female's reproductive system.
Some of the STD's viruses enter through small body cuts and tears in the mouth or anus etc. So, it does not mean that you would get infected only if you have sex to diseased person.
Young age sexual activities, multiple partners and unprotected relations can also cause you with such diseases.

Signs and symptoms of STDs

Generally, these types of infections do not have any clear symptoms. Sometimes an infected person does not even know that he or she is infected. However few hidden symptoms are vaginal discharge, swelling of scrotum and inguinal gland swelling.

How to prevent yourself from STDs?

The only real and authentic prevention is to stay self-restraint. It means do not indulge yourself too much into sexual relations. Choose your life-partner who has and will not have any close relations to others throughout your lifetime. This would be definitely difficult but not impossible. Other relatively easy solutions include -

1. Use safe side materials like condoms during lovemaking.
2. Don't intimate with a person who is STDs infected.
3. Use only water based lubricant.
4. It is good to have medical checkup by both men and women before getting into any intimate relationship.
5. Proper annual checkup is also useful in STDs prevention.

Because these types of infection are more common in females as compare to males, therefore it is a great idea for females to have regular sexual and reproductive health checkups.

Quickest tips if you have STDs

1. Do not panic or tensed yourself if you get infected because it is not an untreatable disease. You can get fully cured in few courses.
2. Avoid any intimate relations until you are fully recovered.
3. Make sure that you and your partner do not have STDs infection any more before going into any relations.
4. Take good care of yourself.
5. Do not completely rely on medical treatments. Your personal psychic also has strong impact on your disease.

Simple home remedies of STDs

1. The best home remedy is stop eating healthy food. Take orange juice or other vegetable juices like carrot, spinach, beet and cucumber for at least seven days.
2. One of the common infections of STDs is gonorrhea. And for that Amaranth is the best solution. Take 25 grams of its leaves three times a day.
3. Take a full cup of mucilage in a day. Mucilage is made from lady's finger mixed with seasoned banana. Along with it, you can take a glass of buttermilk for better results.
4. As precautionary measures, always clean your clothes, sheets and towels in boiled and hot water.

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