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Recurrent Miscarriage (Pregnancy Loss) Causes and Treatment

Recurrent miscarriage is condition which is followed by two or more failed pregnancies. It is different than infertility as infertility can be genetic whereas recurrent miscarriage is disease.
Research shows that among pregnancies 25% lead to miscarriages and only 1% women get three consecutive miscarriages. There can be many reasons for recurrent miscarriage and pregnancy loss. Some of them are discussed below.

Chromosomal causes: While analyzing chromosomes of parents translocation is considered as cause of recurrent pregnancy loss. Translocation is situation in which one chromosome is attached to other. This situation don't affect parents but this may cause embryo of women to receive either too much or too little genetic growth hence results in miscarriage.

Age: Increase in age cause many recurrent pregnancy losses. With increase in age chromosomal abnormality occurs due to which women pregnancy often results into miscarriage. Above 40, women have more tendencies to produce eggs and sperms with abnormalities.

Hormonal cause: Healthy pregnancy is guaranteed due to production of progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone produced by ovary after ovulation.

Metabolic causes: Miscarriage may also results due to metabolic abnormalities in women. During conception women having diabetes may experience pregnancy loss. Poor diabetic level and women with insulin resistance also have high rate of miscarriage.

Abnormalities in Uterine: Uterine cavity may get distorted due to which miscarriages can occur in women. Some of the common uterus conditions are double uterus, uterine septum, and one sided uterus.

Blood clotting tendency: It is found that those patients having blood clotting problem may experience pregnancy loss due to antiphospholipid syndrome.

Anatomical causes: Successful pregnancy depends upon the uterus physical condition. Improper uterus condition may stop or even reduce pregnancy chances in women. Anatomical factors include cervical insufficiency, scarring of uterine, and fibroids.

Other causes: Elevated prolactin in women may also cause problem in having successful child. Thyroid gland may also affect the pregnancy of women.

Male factor in pregnancy loss: Intactness of male sperms may cause abnormality in pregnancy. Male sperms if intact may impact embryo development. So there are not just female organs that are responsible for miscarriage.


1. In order to check any problems in hormones of parents' blood tests should be done.

2. It is better to perform ultra sound of uterus in order to check any distortion in uterus.

3. In order to look and provide proper treatment to uterine cavity HSG or hysteroscopy should be performed.

4. Chromosomal disorder must be checked. Both male and female member must go for chromosome testing.

5. Immune problems and other genetic problem must also be addressed according to advice of doctor.

6. Empirical treatment is opted in which females are given treatment with parental vitamins.

7. Intake of fruits and drinking lots of water is highly advised.

8. Your diet is very important. Healthy diet with food items like leafy vegetables high protein rich food items is highly recommended.

Treatments other than tests include psychological treatments which serves best for women as continuous loss of pregnancy may cause fatigue and anxiety in women's life. Proper guidance along with confidence should be given to women having miscarriage problem. Miscarriage is not certain hence proper care and cure can make it stop from happening.

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