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Premenstrual Syndrome PMS Symptoms and Natural Treatment

Premenstrual syndrome, also stated as PMS, is a physical, emotional and physiological disorder, affecting women during their menstrual cycle. Premenstrual syndrome occurs, few days before the start of the women's period. In fact 80 to 90 % women get affected by premenstrual syndrome. But only few can endure this complex problem.

There are numerous symptoms of PMS, but the prominent one is irritation, depression, sadness and tension. The behavioral differences like anger, anxiety, and stress are at high levels. The individual is emotionally affected and has change of moods on regular basis and also a bit of fatigue. The individual becomes emotional and sensitive. She may also face problem in sleeping and may have complain of headache. The menstrual cycle is not of similar durations. Besides, weight gain factor can also be a symptom with breast tenderness, for the premenstrual syndrome. Sudden increase in the diet and crying also sums up the symptoms of PMS. It has to be noted that the premenstrual syndrome symptoms varies among women. Some may have few of the above mentioned symptoms.

Treatment of premenstrual syndrome is possible, but at the same time, it's challenging as well. There may be no solid medical basis for the effectiveness of the treatment as some treatment may work for few women and other treatment may not be applicable for other patience. There are some home based procedures that can be induced to prevent PMS. The physical disturbances can be sorted out by various methods.

The most important treatment among the general procedure is performing different exercises. One should try to keep herself as healthy as possible; exercise provides the required defense from any diseases. Consumption of refined sugar has to be stopped and intake of salt should also be avoided. Caffeine inclusion has to be halted. Alcohol insertion, along with cigarettes should be blocked completely. Some vitamins and calcium supplement may also help fighting against PMS. These procedures may vary from woman to woman.

Besides changing the lifestyle, some medical treatment can also be advised in order to handle the emotional disturbances. Diuretics can be used for the control of the water retention. It increases the rate of urinate and eliminates the extra fluids from the body. Pain killers can be used, to distress the impact of headache and discomfort. In order to suppress the production of ovarian hormones, danazol can be prescribed. But it should not be used for long duration as it has chances of side effects. Some may also advise the intake of oral contraceptive pills in order to even out hormone imbalances. Antidepressants can also be used to even out the depression related problems. It should be kept in mind that the inclusion of drugs does not guarantee the relief against premenstrual syndrome. The impact differs from woman to woman.

These were some of the important symptoms and treatments that can be followed. But it is always advisable that if anyone has any doubts in the mind relating premenstrual syndrome, a practitioner should be consulted.

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