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Home Remedies for Heavy Menstrual Periods, Menorrhagia

Having one's monthly period, also known as the menstrual cycle is a common thing for most women; unless you have certain problems which have affected your cycles. However, there are some for whom it can a time of great difficulty. Women who suffer from Menorrhagia or heavy bleeding have to undergo a lot of trouble during the time of their period. Menorrhagia is characterised by a very heavy flow during periods which does not cease within three to four days. It continues on till a week and remains in the form of spotting for a while afterwards. While most women make do with two to four pads a day, those who suffer from heavy menstrual periods much use six to eight pads a day. They must also battle pain, discomfort and lack of energy.

However, there are some simple home remedies for the treatment of Menorrhagia. These are effective and can reduce both the heavy flow as well as the pain caused during this time. One of the best ways is to start exercising. Even a moderate amount of exercise strengthens the body and reduces the flow of blood to a large extent. However, since over-exercise can again lead to an increase in bleeding, one must be careful about limiting the time one spends at it. The next best way is to change one's diet. Reducing the quantities of sugar and spicy foods in the diet can lead to a lot of change and take away much of the pain that is caused during the periods. The same goes for anything that is full of grease and fat and lacks in fibre for easy digestion. Eating a diet of vegetables and fish can be useful at such a time.

Another home remedy for menorrhagia that is highly effective is to use vinegar. Close to half a tablespoon per glass water can work wonders for the body. It immediately starts working and reduces the flow by half and the pain pretty much vanishes. Apart from these three remedies, basic herbal and ayurvedic treatments show great potential.

Many herbs found in our gardens and in the supermarkets can be mixed to form a drink that reduces polyps and fibroids, two common causes of heavy bleeding. Asafetida, ginger, henna, bamboo and lemon grass are very helpful in correcting heavy flow, irregular periods, pain and discomfort. They can be made into mixtures, pastes as well as teas for easy consumption and are extremely useful as a long term treatment for the problem of Menorrhagia.

Simple relaxation and meditation techniques can also be of great help as they relax the body and reduce much of the pain that is caused. However, one should always consult their gynaecologist for a proper course of treatment if they have been diagnosed with menorrhagia. Home remedies must be tried only under medical supervision and to help the prescribed treatment along. They are meant to alleviate smaller symptoms like pain and excessive spotting and are not a stand in for the proper medical treatment.

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