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Low Female Libido, Sex Drive in Women Causes and Treatment

Libido is term for energy associated with sex drive in any person. Libido happens to be very strong in men but on the other side complaints of having a low libido is very common among women. You'll be amazed to hear that according to statistics almost 50% of women is US have reported to have this problem.

The problem is that, having a low libido among women is not even considered as a complication worth a treatment. In fact most of the cases of low libido in females get cured by itself.

The causes behind low libido in women either could be physical or psychological. Complications like anemia, diabetes, excessive drug and alcohol abuse are regarded as major physical causes of low libido among women. Further in some cases hormonal abnormalities, post birth condition, use of tranquilizers and abnormality of pituitary gland are also referred as reasons of this problem in females.

Psychological factors associated with past rape experience, stress, depression, lesbianism, anxiety and relationship crisis with partner are major causes of low libido.

Mostly drugs relating to Aphrodisiacs are used to treat low libido among women. The Aphrodisiacs drugs happen to have side effects such as hairiness and enlargement of clitoris. You can also get aphrodisiacs from natural resources which have no side effects.

Food items like chocolates and fruits like strawberries and watermelon are known as rich source of Aphrodisiacs. Fruits like oranges and pineapple are also very effective for low libido condition as they are also very rich in Aphrodisiacs.

The best way to enhance libido in yourself is to take care of your health and emphasize on nutritious diet. Food items like eggs, avocado, chicken, raw oysters, bananas, asparagus, coffee, cheese, figs, fish, basil, brown rice and liver are effective in dealing with low desire.

Chinese herbs like Ginkgo and Ginseng and other elements such as Arginine and Don Quai happen to be very effective catalysts for arousing lovemaking desires in women.

Zinc is considered a vital ingredient for dealing with low libido level. Raw oysters are highly rich in Zinc. Including couple of raw oysters in your daily diet schedule can assure the results of high libido mainly among females.

Further Asparagus and Avocadoes are very rich in vitamin E, Vitamin B and potassium which are the key elements in increasing libido level in women.

Bananas are highly recommended and is well known fruit associated with enhancing lovemaking mood and stamina. Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin B which facilitates production of sexual hormones delivering you high libido level.

It is also highly advised to add figs and eggs in your diet plan. Figs happen to be rich in amino acids giving you endurance whereas eggs are high source of proteins and vitamin B which gives you high libido and is very beneficial in hormonal balance among women.

Garlic also happens to have tendency for enhancing female libido. Incorporation of all the respective food items is extremely beneficial if combined with daily exercise. Exercise naturally keeps all the hormones in your body balanced and also delivers you paced blood circulation which eventually results in improved libido.

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