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Hirsutism, Excessive or Unwanted Hair in Women

Hirsutism is a condition, in which, the women may have excessive hair growth in undesirable areas such as lips, chest, chin, back and abdomen. The hair found in these areas is dark and coarse, which resembles the male pattern of hair growth. The disease is common in five to fifteen percent of women and it is mostly hereditary. Highest percentage of women affected by hirsutism are from European origin and second highest are women of Africa, and the lowest rate of hirsutism is found in Asian women.

The problem is found in certain families and it is not a harmful condition but women find it embarrassing as it affects their appearance and look.

It is a kind of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and the women having the condition may have other skin related issues such as problems in monthly cycles, acne and weight related problems. The women may have a deep voice and she may even suffer from diabetes and overweight.

Causes of Hirsutism

Hair growth is determined by the hormones, hereditary conditions, everyday diet and excessive hair growth can be found in women, who are sensitive to certain hormones.

1. The presence of excess amount of androgen hormone in women can cause excessive unwanted hair. Androgens are male hormones such as testosterone, DHEA and androstenedione. Women produce a low level of androgens, but in case of women who suffer from unwanted hair growth the hormone level is high and in men, if the hormone is more than required, it causes prostrate related problems.

2. One of the conditions called idiopathic hirsutism, refers to the state in which the reason for excess growth of unwanted hair is unknown. In this case the women affected from the hirsutism may not have excessive release of hormone androgen in body.

3. Genetic causes are most common and the body metabolism may cause the growth of unwanted hair. The diet, exercising patter, sleep patterns and stress can also cause the condition.

4. Sometimes tumor may be cause the release of certain hormones, which results in excessive hair growth in unwanted areas.

How to get rid of the unwanted hair?

1. There are certain methods called depilation, which are used to remove unwanted hair. In this method the hair are shaved frequently and it is very inexpensive method but the method is not permanent and the hair may get thicker on using this method.

2. Plucking is another method which can help you to remove unwanted hair but it is very painful, and it can cause other problems such as swelling and scarring.

3. There are certain chemicals which can be used to remove unwanted hair but these have a bad odor and sometimes, the chemicals may have side effects on the skin.

4. Changing the diet and modifying the life style may help in reducing the growth of the unwanted hair. Women who are overweight should try to reduce weight.

5. Bleaching can be used to make the hair less noticeable.

6. Laser methods can be used to remove hair permanently as the method damages the follicles and prevent further growth. Laser method can be extremely expensive and it may need many meetings for the treatment. Laser treatment may cause swelling and redness in the skin.

7. Androgen blockers can be used to reduce hair growth.

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