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Green Vaginal Discharge Home Remedies

In the presence of green vaginal discharge you need to take immediate action. This actually is the indicator of many problems, which you can face internally, for example cervical dysplasia caused by HPV.

Usually people do consider green vaginal discharge as normal orgasm or simple fluid discharge in white color. But, it is nothing like normal discharge; this kind of discharge can point out an infection.

Usually those women who are much conscious regarding their health issues immediately consult a general practitioner. You might also feel some itching and membrane irritation in the genitals parts, so consulting a physician is just normal.

Home Remedies for Green Vaginal Discharge

However it is always beneficial to follow some home remedies before you consult a doctor. There are many home remedies which you can follow to treat this problem. You can very effectively treat green vaginal discharge in home. It all depends on you that how you cater yourself according to the requirements.

Use garlic for the treatment

Garlic is an amazing herb which has antibacterial qualities and can help you in treatment of green discharge. This is the reason why it can be inserted directly in to the vagina of the patient. For the safe side you can use a clean cloth piece and then wrap a piece of garlic in to it. Now place this cloth in to the vagina for getting rid of the problem.

Ice packs can cure

If you found yourself helpless and nothing is readily available then you can put ice cubes for treatment of this problem. The application is very simple just as application of garlic. It will eventually cool down your irritation and you will feel better off by applying ice cubes.

Take bath with few drops of Vinegar

You can also use vinegar while taking bath. The method is simple; you can add in half cup of vinegar in to your bath tub and then take bath with it. It will be better if you do rub your skin with it specially vagina. Also you can use vinegar directly on your skin.

Food items you should avoid

Many common things which we do not pay attention to are the real cause of the problem, especially when nothing is helping you to cure this green discharge.

Some common meals can also affect you very badly. Such as refined foodstuff, animal protein, mushroom, fermented food foodstuffs and alcohols, foodstuff wealthy in sugar and carbohydrates. You need to avoid all these food items in your daily routine; your problem will soon be solved.

Food items which helps you

However there are many food items which help you to cure this problem. All you need to do add these food items in your daily diet.

Vitamins rich diets like grapefruits and oranges, lemons and limes, curd, cranberries, garlic, brown rice, onions, millet, oregano, vinegar, cinnamon and vegetables happen to be very beneficial in treatment of green vaginal discharge. Citrus food items are also really helpful in prevention of green discharge. It is also recommended to drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water every day for an effective treatment of this problem.

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