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Endometriosis Symptoms, Causes, Natural Treatment

Irregular development of endometrial cells that spread in parts where they should not be is termed as the Endometriosis. This can grow in many parts of the body, such as inside the uterine musculature, fallopian tubes, colon, bladder, ovaries, pelvic organs, pelvic hollow space and also in the lungs.

By initiation of the menstrual period, the islets will become bigger because of blood and the trouble is that there is no other way for the blood circulation as it goes directly into the tissues and its adjoining areas. This ultimately results in irritation and frequent ache. People living in developed and industrialized countries have more chances of getting endometriosis.


When the menstrual cycle begins the endometrial tissue is filled by blood. When menstruation takes place, this tissue as well takes off blood. However, it cannot leave the place. Due to this collected blood inflammation causes.

The most common symptom is pain in abdominal and contraction. Usually this type of pain is very common but for endometriosis the pain is severe and devastating.

Women undergoing with this problem, intercourse would also be painful, because of the pressure. Another symptom which is very common is the rectal bleeding and the bowel movements would also be more painful than ever.

The probability of infertility and miscarriages also increases in the women facing such kind of problem.


Specialists are still not sure about the actual causes of endometriosis. They keep on learning the functions which are really causing this severe condition. By combining many researches we came to know about few of the causes which can cause this problem. Such as -

1. Any problem in the Immune system of a woman can cause endometriosis.

2. Hormonal imbalance is one the major cause behind endometriosis.

3. Endometriosis can also be caused if you are genetically involved in it.

4. According to many experts the environment really affects all of your health issues. So do this endometriosis.

But, keep in mind, a woman with some other causes can also be affected with endometriosis.


Whatever the symptoms and causes are, there are a lot of treatments for endometriosis. And all these treatment are remarkably handy and readily applicable. So you can simply apply them.

1. Ginger is a perfect home remedy for the treatment of hormonal imbalances. So you can make ginger tea and drink at least one cup daily.

2. Massaging with ice pack is also a good home remedy; if you are going through severe pain then you can use heat pack instead of hot. Hot pack will helps you curing the pain also.

3. Everyone loves juices. This remedy is just perfect for everyone. All you need is to make juice of fresh fruits and then drink immediately. Fruits especially grapes, papaya, pineapple and mango are preferable. Just like fruits you need to have vegetable juices also. But make sure after making juice don't refrigerate, just make it when you are in mood to drink.

4. Cohosh, cramp bark, false unicorn root and chaste berry are the perfect herb as it will help you to reduce pain of endometriosis. These herbs are also helpful in balancing the hormonal problems.

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