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Depression in Women Causes, Home Remedies and Natural Treatment

Before going into a deep detail of how and why a woman gets depressed? What are the causes of depression? One should know what is actually depression? Is it a disease and how a woman can safe herself from it and what are the preventions of depression in women?

Depression has various definitions among people. Some considers it a normal and other states it a proper disease. Defining it in general terms, depression is a particular mood. It is a state of unlikeness of any thing or activity. In scientific terms, it is a real illness which occurs due to mental disorder. But one definition does not fit for all depressed people because it has different levels from slight or minor to dangerous. Also its symptoms and preventions are different among people.

Although it has become a common disease between people, but the female ratio is higher than male. There are many reasons of higher rate of depression in women but the most common is that women are more sensitive and emotional by nature. The disease has a special connection with social activities and relationships.

How a woman gets depressed?

When you feel sad, helpless, boring, tired, guilty and alone and when these types of feelings start affecting your social circle, your loved ones and your career, this means you are in depression state. But don't worry, it is a treatable disease.

Causes of depression in women

There are many causes of depression in women which are dropped into biological, psychological, social and cultural categories. It has been concluded through various researches that it starts from your any emotional life event like death of your loved one, business loss, or life difficulties. It means it depends on loss of your most touchy thing or relation. Depression is also an inherited disease. Women also get depressed during pregnancy.

Home remedies of depression in women

Before going to a psychiatrist, you can treat down this problem through some simple activities. The first and foremost remedy is that learn more and more about depression.

It is necessary to get into deep knowledge of this disease because sometimes the problem does not like what it seems. Changing your social lifestyle is also another best solution of depression. As it is a famous saying that "Change is always good". Take proper sleeps and nutritional food, and go for regular exercise. Do not take too much tension in life.

What should you do during depression?

1. Stop thinking of everything
2. Don't take any tension
3. Do regular exercise especially long walks.
4. Don't stay alone
5. Try to fight with your negative thinking
6. Eat healthy but light food
7. Take proper sleep
8. Don't rely on medicine alone
9. Avoid to take important decisions of your life
10. Your depression is not your fault, so stop blaming yourself
11. Appreciate yourself
12. Connect yourself with your social circle
13. Don't be impatience in its treatment. Getting rid of it is a lengthy procedure but it will leave you one day.

Other than the above precautions a very effective remedies that can be followed involves cashew nuts, asparagus, apples and cardamom. Cashew nuts are very rich in vitamin B and happen to be very effective antidepressant.

Consuming an apple with milk and honey every day gives very effective results in dealing with depression. Asparagus powder is known to be high brain nerve stimulator and is very useful in fighting depression.

Intake of tea twice a day mixed with cardamom powder is also a very effective in keeping depression away from your life.

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