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Cystitis in Women Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatment

Cystitis is an infection which results in inflammation of urinary bladder. This infection is more common in women than men. It is condition where the affected patients get frequent urges to urinate.

The major symptoms of cystitis include strong urge for urination, blood in urine, burning feel while urination, discomfort in lower pelvic area, fever, pain in lower abdomen, smelly urines and having small but frequent urines.

There are two main factors behind the infection of cystitis, either it is caused by bacterial infection or it is caused due to non infectious reasons. Cystitis caused by bacteria is termed is Bacterial Cystitis whereas the complication caused by factors other than bacteria is regarded as Non-infectious Cystitis.

You can get infected with bacteria cystitis when these germs enter your urinary tract. Women can also get infected with bacterial bladder infection from a intercourse. Medically there are two types of bacterial Cystitis. Community acquired bladder infections are ones in which you get an infection when you are not in medical facility and the bacterial outbreak is in the whole community. The other type Hospital acquired bladder infections are ones in which you get infected while you are hospitalized. Strange categorization but that's the way bacterial Cystitis is differentiated.

Now non infectious Cystitis is further divided with respect to its different means of infections like in Drug Induced Cystitis your bladder gets inflamed cause of drug reaction. In Radiation Cystitis your inflamed bladder is a result of radiation treatment in pelvic area. Interstitial Cystitis is more related with bladder syndrome. You get chemical cystitis in reaction to a bubble bath or chemical oriented shampoos whereas foreign body cystitis is caused due to damaged tissue.

It can result in very severe complications like chronic illness, permanent bladder tissue damage, viral bladder infections and lower immune system. Further it may also make you end up with prostrate or a stone in bladder.

Prevention and Treatment

It can be very effectively tackled with natural solutions and home based remedies.
Drinking lots of water everyday is highly recommended for treatment of cystitis. As water keeps internal cleanliness of the body reduces the bacteria in pelvic area.

Similarly staying hydrated is very important for dealing with both infectious and non infectious cystitis types. Drinking lots of fluids like juices etc. are very beneficial in prevention of cystitis. You have to be careful in selection of fluids because alcohol or caffeine can make things worst for you.

Cucumber juice happens to be very effective for curing this problem. You can take cucumber juice three times a day by mixing some lemon juice and honey in it. Another very effective remedy involves coconut juice to be mixed with cucumber juice which is also very useful in treatment and prevention from this infection.

Vitamin C happens to very effective in treatment of all kind of body ailments. Boiling lemon juice in some water and allow it to cool. Drinking of this mixture keeps you away from all kind of cystitis.

It is very important to urinate as soon you get an urge for. Blocking your urine is one the major cause of this problem. Daily exercise and frequent regular hot baths are also advised to deal with complication of cystitis.

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