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Causes of Hair Loss in Women

You love your hair like all other women around the world but are you facing same problem as many of other women do? Well you are right we are talking about hair loss. It is considered as big problem by many of the women around the globe.

Men are more common victim of baldness but when women get that problem then it brings great anxiety and concern for them. Normally every individual loss 100 hairs on daily basis; due to certain factor like, shampooing, toweling, blow drying, and rubbing the scalp.

Since women are more concerned about their appearance and looks, hence they are prime victim of baldness stress. Here are some of the causes for hair loss in women.

Normal cause of this problem is time period. After every two months, 10% of women hair falls as a part of replacement cycle. Hormonal problem is another key cause of this in most of women. Thyroid gland when get imbalanced cause this problem in most of the cases.

There are two other hormones androgens and estrogens which cause hair fall when they get imbalanced. During the pregnancy period hair fall stop due to hormonal change. This situation changes after 3 months or so when hormones return to its pre-pregnancy period. Due to which hair loss happens.

Many types of medicine also cause this problem in majority of cases. Medicines of blood pressure, blood thinner, vitamin A, heart problem and birth control pills can cause hair fall.

1. In many diseases like diabetes and lupus, it occurs as first symptom of disease.

2. Inflammation cause damage and scars follicles due to which permanent hair loss may occur.

3. Tightening of hair caused by bands, caps and cornrows can damage it from root causing hair loss.

4. It can also occur in patches due to fungal scalp infection which is also known as ringworm.

5. Many women who are using steroids can also experience this problem.

6. High fever, chronic illness and sever illness can also result into abnormal hair loss due to stress.

7. Crash dieting and abnormal weight loss can also cause this problem in women. Mostly women who use medications or exercise for weight reduction experience hair fall.

8. Patients undergoing with chemo also experience hair loss as normal practice due to severe side effect of chemotherapy.

9. Some psychological factor can also cause hair loss in women these factors include stress, shock, physical or emotional illness.

10. Follicles get damaged due to constant use of chemicals and other hair treatments which cause this problem.

11. Lack of essential nutrients, iron, and protein can also cause general hair loss.

12. Eating disorders and crash diets also result into this problem.

13. Other causes include autoimmune disorders and scalp yeast infection which weakens hair and in most of cases results into this problem.

14. These are some of the reasons which cause hair loss in women.

Most of the times, your hair loss is caused by some hormonal reaction or drug side effect. It's best to treat this problem with natural treatment and home remedies as they do not have any side effects.

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