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Causes of Brown Vaginal Discharge

Fluids released from the vagina may contain harmless bacteria, which are present in the vagina or it may have cervical cells and discarded cells. Brown color discharge is found at the end of a monthly cycle and it is a normal condition. But release of brown color discharge can be caused by reasons such as infections of HPV genital wart or bacterial infection.

Common causes for brown vaginal discharge

1. Changes in hormones

2. Injury

3. Miscarriage

4. Polyps (uterine fibroids)

5. Stress

6. Low thyroid function

7. Use of medicines such as blood thinner

8. Vagina dryness or lack of hormones

9. Ectopic pregnancy

10. Contraceptive pills (in both cases: stop or start using the pills)

11. Excess of bacteria or yeast can cause brown discharge.

12. Irregularities in menstrual cycles

13. Overweight

14. Excessive physical exercise or dieting

15. Pelvic Inflammatory diseases: It refers to the infections caused by bacteria to the pelvic organs such as uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and pelvis. Some of the common forms of PIDs are gonorrhea and chlamydia. The disease is a sexually transmitted disease but it can also enter into a body during surgical procedures such as childbirth, insertion of intrauterine device, endometrial biopsy or miscarriage.

16. Vulvovaginitis: It is infection of vulva and its symptoms are pain in urethra, yellow discharge and pain in abdomen.

17. Genital warts: Genital warts can cause brown discharge. It is a form of sexually transmitted infection and it is caused by the infection of the human papilloma virus. The virus may cause infection to the vaginal area. There are more than seventy different types of virus that can cause the infection. The warts look like cauliflower and sometimes, it is found in shapes like flat patches. Sometimes, it is not visible to the eyes and can be detected only through proper diagnosis procedure.

18. Menopause: A woman may have brown discharge when she is undergoing menopause. After the phase of menopause is complete, the woman may not have the monthly bleeding and other symptoms of the condition include hot flashes, pain and night sweats. Menopause phase may either end in one year or it may last for five years. Menopause results in reducing the estrogen level in the body of a woman and sometimes, it may happen after certain surgical procedure such as removal of ovaries or if a woman is taking hormonal treatment for breast cancer.

19. Cervical cancer: Cervical cancer is caused on the surface of the cervix and it can be either columnar or squamous. Majority of cases of cervical cancer are of squamous cells and in the pre-cancerous stage, the problem can be detected through Pap smear test and it can be treated.

20. Brown discharge caused by intermenstrual bleeding: Sometimes, vaginal bleeding is caused in between the monthly periods and it may also indicate a condition such as cancer.

21. It may happen due to other reasons such as vulvar vestibulitis, which is more common in pregnant women and it may indicate miscarriage.

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