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Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis, Natural Treatment

Bacterial vaginosis is an infection in the vagina and the exact causes of this are unknown. There are a lot of bacteria that live in the vagina. When the useful bacteria become less than the harmful ones, this infection occurs.

The common symptoms include a fluid discharge from the vagina. This discharge can be clear or colored, fluid like or viscous and it has a characteristic "fishy" smell.

When you are using antibiotics to cure a certain infection or disease, there is a chance that it might develop again with a strong resistance to the previously used antibiotics. Also there are a lot of people who don't want to go for these antibiotics, reason being that they are afraid of the harmful side effects they might cause. So here are a few home remedies that might help in the cure of bacterial vaginosis.

One of the home remedies for bacterial vaginosis is yogurt. Yogurt can be used in two ways. One that you take it through your mouth and the other is that you insert it inside your vagina.
Garlic is also an anti bacterial agent and helps fight against bacteria well. Taking it orally or applying it to affected area helps in curing the infection.

Apple cider vinegar is also helpful in preventing bacterial vaginosis if you put two cups of it in your warm bathing water and soak into it for about 20 minutes or as long as you want.

The other home remedy for bacterial vaginosis is tea tree oil that has an antibacterial property that helps fight against the bacteria that are the causative agents for this problem. You can use this by mixing it in bathing water as well or you can massage it around the affected area.

Washing the affected area frequently with water also helps get rid of the odor that develops during bacterial vaginosis because it ensures the cleaning up of the bad odor producing bacteria. Applying a solution of salt, water and vinegar to the affected area also helps prevent the problem to a great extent.

Cranberry juice has a strong antibacterial power and it can destroy a lot of harmful bacteria in the body. Thus, drinking cranberry juice more often also helps cure the problem. It has been observed that women who take in a lot of pure cranberry juice are less likely to develop bacterial vaginosis. Taking in a lot of water also helps.

Wearing cotton clothing can also help get rid of that "fishy" odor. Stop wearing tight clothing. Our body needs to breathe freely. But when we are wearing tight clothes just because they are "in" nowadays, our body cannot breathe easily thus giving bacteria a lot of space to grow.
The change in the pH of the vaginal area is also one of the causes of bacterial vaginosis because it increases the growth of bacteria. A solution of iodine mixed in your bathing water helps regain the imbalance in the pH.

Last but not the least a healthy well balanced diet and lots and lots of water intake will always be good for you.

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