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Home Remedies for Absence of Menstruation, Amenorrhea

Amenorrhea is a term that most of us will not be familiar with, yet it is common in many women. It refers to the absence of menstrual cycles in women on a regular basis. Because of this illness, the periods become irregular or completely absent for a long time and are frequently late or absent altogether in small patches of time. Amenorrhea is commonly seen in women who are pregnant and post menopausal, as well as women of reproductive age. It is mainly of two different types, each with their specific symptoms and treatment.

Primary amenorrhea occurs when the menstrual cycles do not begin at all in a woman of reproductive age. The other, secondary amenorrhea is when these cycles cease to occur after a certain period of time. The main treatment for amenorrhea is surgery or hormonal correctional therapy. However, there are simple home remedies that can be practiced by those who do not have severe amenorrhea or are suffering from it due to pregnancy or recent hormonal therapy for other illnesses. Basic home remedies for the treatment of amenorrhea is to change one's diet and make it more nutritious and move on to a workout plan that provides moderate and simple exercise each day. Excess of or very little exercise can cause amenorrhea is younger women.

A very simple home remedy that can be used to treat amenorrhea is to make an herbal mixture out of flex seeds, jaggery and ghee. This mixture is to be made in boiled water and taken daily, for a week before the period is due to start. It is a safe remedy, especially for pregnant women. Blue Cohosh, Yarrow and Mother Wort are herbs which can be used to treat the problem. They can be taken in teas, tinctures and in a capsule form to correct basic hormonal problems which can be affecting the flow of blood during periods or stopping them altogether.

The use of chaste tree berry is also helpful for many. It alleviates many other problems related to periods as well, such as breast pain and tenderness in parts of the body. Boiling saffron in water and drinking it three times a day is another simple ayurvedic remedy. Other such remedies include a glass of milk with cinnamon each night, a mixture of honey, sugar and banana flowers cooked in curd.

Tomato juice is effective home remedy in reducing occurrence of amenorrhea. The same goes for plain ginger tea and tea made from the leaves of comfrey and alfalfa. One should also be careful to avoid or reduce intake of caffeinated products, alcohol and excessive eating of spicy and greasy foods if they are missing periods regularly.

The best form of treatment is to get a check up done and follow the course of therapy described by one's doctor. These home remedies should not be followed blindly. Make sure you check with your gynaecologist before using any of these remedies and make sure that you are not averse to them or experience any side effects.

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