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What are the Causes of Hair Loss

Hair has a significant role in a person's overall appearance. Be a man, a woman or even a child, healthy hair with volume and shine enhances the overall beauty quotient. The present generation is quite conscious to be the proud possessor of silky hairs bouncing with life.

An optimum amount of hair loss is normal in every human body. Every hair on our scalp passes through a life span of 2 to 3 years. It grows for a certain period of time and after that the growth stops and the hair remains as it is. Finally it falls down and new hair comes out again from that place. So if you find some strands of hair in your comb everyday, there is absolutely nothing to worry. It's a normal and expected process. However, the amount of hair loss increases and it reaches such an alarming level that people get anxious and worried.

Hair loss - a symptom of illness: Let us explore the main causes behind hair loss. There is practically, no specific cause behind hair loss. It is not an illness but a symptom of illness. When we suffer from any kind of inner health problem for a period of time, a side effect of the disease might be loss of hair.

There may be hair loss due to hormonal imbalance in the body. Especially at the time of puberty, pregnancy and menopause, people suffer more from hair loss. That is why women suffer more from this problem than men.

Use of some of the medicines can cause this problem. These kinds of hair loss can stops when you stop taking the medicine. There are some of medicines like medicine for gout, high blood pressure, epilepsy or heart problem responsible for this problem.

Some infections may also be the reason behind hair loss. A few fungal infections of the scalp cause such problem among kids. However, this is easily treated by antifungal kind of medicine.

Diseases like diabetes or cancer also aggravates this problem. It may be the early sign of outbreak of the disease. In such scenarios, it is of utmost importance to detect the root cause so that it can be treated easily.

Stress is also a catalyst in the hair loss process. It is a reality that when we are in stress, our hairs fall easily.

Other Factors Controlling Hair Fall

We all lose around 100 hairs every day and this incident is quite normal. Even if it is little more in number, before you start worrying have glance on some other factors related to hair fall.

Age: The rate of hair fall increases after the age of 30 of both men and women.

Style: Due to shampoo, blow dry and brushing, hair sometimes gets damaged and fall easily from your scalp. So it's better not to do these on regular basis.

Life span: As we already discussed, after an average life span of 2 to 3 years a hair will fall down due to the rule of the nature. And in a few days it gets replaced by a new one.

So, next time you see some hair strands fastened with your comb while combing, do not panic. Try to explore the real reason and get it rectified.

Hair Loss Lotion

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