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What are the Causes of Acne?

Skin is the most vital organ responsible for our beauty. The clearer your skin is, the more attractive you are. Hence for much valid reasons, we keep no stone unturned to get a flawless healthy skin. Millions of creams, astringents, cleansers, toners and many other beauty products are available in the market promising a fast solution of our skin ailments. Before we choose the right treatment for our skin problems let us know our skin in a better way and also the deep rooted reasons for that particular problem.

The Root Cause

Skin is a multi-layered epithelial tissue covering our body. The outermost layer of the skin is the epidermis which suffers from most of the skin ailments. There are millions of oil glands in the outer surface of the epidermis which secret sebum or oil in order to maintain the perfect ph balance of our skin. If and when these glands start secreting sebum more than required, the excess oil along with some dead cells gets accumulated in the pores or follicles of the skin resulting in a blockage. When bacteria join the team, the result is acne.

The Catalysts

Bacteria: The acne causing bacteria are called Propionibacterium acne. These bacteria are present even in the normal healthy skin. During puberty the number of these bacteria increases in the follicles of the skin. When the concentration of Propionibacterium acne increases in the follicle, they attract the white blood cells towards the follicle. The white blood cells, in turn, produce a particular enzyme which is responsible for the damaging the wall of the hair follicles. This process causes irritation to the skin and small red swellings are formed on the skin, generally called acne or pimple.

Hormone: Acne is directly related to the hormonal imbalance of our body. Whenever, due to some biological or emotional reasons the stability of our hormonal system gets disturbed, our chances of getting affected by acne or pimple increase. The male hormones (known as Androgens) present both in male and female bodies are mainly responsible for the growth of acne. At different stages of life like puberty, pregnancy and menopause there is a variation of the level of hormones in our bodies. Hence we are more prone to be attacked by acne or pimples in those particular stages of our life. Especially in the female body, due to menstrual cycles, there is a regular change of hormone levels. That's why females are more vulnerable to acne. The excess androgen creates a surplus of oil in the hair follicles which when attacked by bacteria form acne.

Diet: Our regular diet has a direct effect on our insulin level; we are already aware of the fact. Insulin is the master hormone and it regulates the other hormones of our body including androgens. So imbalance of insulin level due to improper diet (for example: eating more fried and junk food, drinking less fluid etc.), will definitely encourage the formation of acne.

Stress: When we are emotionally upset or physically stressed our adrenal gland becomes hyper in nature. It starts secreting more androgen hormones. And as we all know androgen plays a vital role in acne formation, it's always better to lead a stress free life.

Once we make ourselves, knowledgeable enough about the main causes behind acne, the solution comes out very easily. As they say in medical science, an early detection is half cured.

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