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Symptoms of Back Pain

Symptoms of back pain or lower back pain symptoms may vary in intensity, duration and type depending on the cause of the back pain. It is not a disease but it is a symptom in itself of any injury, irritation of nerve, degeneration of bones or disease. Thus the behavior of back pain has to be analyzed to get to the root cause of the problem.

The arousal of back pain can be sudden or gradual. But when it is acute and is confined to the back, does not radiate to any other part, relieves after rest, does not last from few days to 1-2 weeks and pain may not aggravate by bending, these are, symptoms of backache due to an injury or infection to the muscles or ligaments. If it lasts for more than three months than this is a symptom of injury aggravating.

Other symptoms are like persistent aching or stiffness anywhere from the base of the neck to the hip. This is the region where spinal chord runs and many nerves offshoot from this chord hence any injury or irritation causes these symptoms initially, which may later turn into a back pain. Any pain, sharp and localized, at any part in neck, upper back or lower back after engaging in any strenuous activity is a lower backache symptom.

Chronic ache in the lower or upper back on standing up after a long period of sitting is also a symptom however, this type of pain may arise due to poor postures too and posture correction may solve the problem. Difficulty in standing straight due to temporary stiffness or a mild cramp is also a symptom.

If there is tingling in the buttocks that extends up to calf and ankle or mild pain in the buttock extending up to thigh of one leg may turn into a severe backache caused due to sciatica nerve. If this mild pain gets aggravated after long period of standing or sitting then it is a symptom of lower backache. Tingling, numbness or loss of control of arms and legs suggest the damage of spinal chord which will eventually result into backache.

Recent evidences have suggested that pain like pricking of pins and needles even for a shorter period, may be after a particular movement or activity, or just arising randomly is a clear symptom. Burning sensation while passing of urine or pain or fecal incontinence may also be a symptom.

Mild pain in the back accompanied by fever may also be a lower back pain symptom. It aggravates by coughing or sneezing, suggests the presence of herniated disc, which will result into a severe back pain if left untreated. If the mild or occasional backache extends to both the legs and improves while bending, is a symptom of lower back pain due to spinal stenosis. Any dull pain on one side of the spine while lying or getting out of sleeping position is a lower backache symptom, caused due to osteoarthritis.

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