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Signs and Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause is a natural process which indicates the halt of menstrual cycles in women. Sometimes the symptoms can be seen early in some women, which is called premenopausal symptoms and the premenopausal symptoms may include mood swings, hot flashes, chronic fatigue, aches and pains in joints, depression, changes in hair growth, disturbance in sleeping, night sweats, changes in blood sugar level, infections, water-retention in body causing weight change and low vaginal lubrication.

The symptoms of menopause resemble the premenopausal symptoms. Here are some common menopause symptoms:

Premenstrual stress and cramps: Women suffering from menopause will have an intense pre menstrual stress, which is caused by hormonal imbalance. It is one of the common signs, which can be found in women before menopause but the effect intensifies during menopause.

Changes in monthly cycles: The changes in hormones delays monthly cycles or it may come early. Changes in cycles can be linked to menopause.

Hot flashes: Sudden changes in some parts of body temperature are caused by hot flashes that are the way our body releases extra energy and heat. If the body gets wrong signal due to hormonal imbalance, it may cause hot flashes.

Depressions and changes in mood: Mood swings can be caused due to hormonal changes. There are certain hormones, which makes a person active and other hormones may make a person relaxed. Changes in hormones cause mood changes and it may even lead to depression.

Pains in joints: Menopause may cause pain in joints and if the women try to reduce weight at this age, it may cause deficiency in vitamins and minerals, leading to pains in joints.

Changes in hair growth pattern: Menopause may cause hair growth in unwanted areas and hair may fall in some areas, due to changes in testosterone level and hair growth.

Changes in sleep patterns: The changes in hormones may cause night worrying and the women may not have proper sleep.

Water retention/burn off extra fat: Women should take balanced meal during menopause because the body may burn extra fats but the water level may be retained, which further causes weight gain.

Low vaginal lubrication: The vagina may become less lubricant and the women may loose interest in love life.

Change in body odour: Body odour is mostly caused by bacterial infections and to reduce body odour, one can use deodorant soaps and antibacterial soap.

Changes in heart beat: Menopause may cause changes in heart beat and sometimes, you feel pounding heart beat. You can take deep breathe to control the changes in heart beat patterns.

Breast pain: Some women may feel pain or sore in breasts.

Headaches: Sometimes, you get intense headaches during menopause, which is caused due to changes in estrogens levels. Sometimes, severe headaches may cause confusion and high fever.

These are the main symptoms of menopause, but sometimes the women feel these symptoms even when they are not undergoing through menopause and in such cases, you should consult an expert to find out the reasons.

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