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Retinal Detachment Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Retinal detachment is a condition where your eye retina is displaced from its underlying tissue. Detached retina can result in permanent loss of sight if not treated within time. There are several reasons that can be associated with retinal detachment in fact it is further classified into three sub categories with respect to its nature of detachment.

Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment is caused by tear, hole or a break in retina resulting in passing of fluid between sensory retina and epithelium, whereas inflammation resulting in accumulating of fluid underneath retina is associated with exudative or secondary retinal detachment. Tractional detachment is caused by injury or inflammation resulting in displacement of sensory retina from its epithelium.

Lots of technical jargons probably, in more easy words retinal detachment can be caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, congenital factors, stress, tumors, nearsightedness, head or eye injury, scarring of eye and heredity history of retinal problems.

In case of detached retina you'll never feel any pain what so ever in fact the symptoms of detached retina are very unique. The affected patient sees different flashes of light or white spots of light along with temporary blindness. Another very noticeable symptom is called floater in which you see illusions of different object floating around your eyes.

Partial blindness, seeing half objects, wavy or blocked visions, double visions, peripheral visions along with headaches and in some cases pain are regarded as symptoms of retinal detachment.

Symptoms of blurred visions and dizziness are also associated with detached retina. The chances of detachment of retina increase with increase in age. You have to take care yourself more in old age especially if you are dealing with the predicament of diabetes too.

Healthy food items are very critical not only for preventing such complication but also for treating it. Again if you are already a patient of diabetes it is extremely vital to manage a nutritious diet plan.

Further activities where sudden surprise elements are involved which can result in some kind of trauma or extremely accelerated reflex action should also be avoided specifically by older people. Try to avoid eye and head injuries as they can easily give you trauma resulting in a detached retina.

Always keep checking you sugar level further if you ever face sudden detached retina along with all its symptoms try to stay in one position, until you can get proper medical help. Try to avoid sudden movements as they can permanently displace your retina and you could lose your sight forever.

Eye relaxation exercises and yoga are also highly recommended for patients of retinal detachment. Herbal treatments for high blood pressure, massages for stress relief and therapies and exercises to treat short-sightedness also play a very vital role in treatment of retinal detachment.

Chinese herbs and diet also plays a very important role for curing detached retina. Drinking lots of water and high usage of antioxidant is recommended for treating detached retina. Food items like leafy vegetables, tomatoes, whole grain and green tea are regarded as high antioxidants and effectively deliver their efficacy for treatment of retinal detachment.

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