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Home Remedies for Eye Strain, Pain

Eye strain is a common complaint that occurs when you are staring at something for long time, such as when driving, when reading, or when working on a computer. In other words, it results from overusing the muscles of your eyes. In eye strain, the muscles of your inner eye tighten and irritate your eyes, making you feel very uncomfortable. A five-minute break from time to time is very good to relax them.

People with occupations that require lots of staring such as computer engineers, dressmaking or designers are prone to developing eyestrain. Even people who do a lot of reading are prone to developing eye strain like lawyers, medical students, scientists and researchers. It may also be caused by improper lighting. For people above 40 years of age, eyestrain is usually a sign that they need to get prescription glasses. So it is important to have your eye checked to know the right cause.

Dry, itchy, blurry or watery eyes, pain in the eyes, sore or stiff neck and headaches are the common problem seen in case of eye strain. Sore and tired eyes are the most common complaint when it comes to strain on your eyes.

Home Remedies for Eye Strain and Pain

1. If you think that your eyestrain is due to too much staring at the computer monitor, then you may adjust the contrast of your monitor. Also, try to reposition your screen to avoid glare.

2. Avoid bright light. When outdoors, wear sunglasses and a big hat to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Baseball caps along with sunglasses are cool and stylish and protect you from eye strain.

3. To get relief from eye strain, simply close your eyes for a few minutes. It will help refocus them. Vision breaks change your eyes focus and relax the eye muscles.

4. Blinking and artificial tears also helps because these give moisture to the eyes. Re-moistening either by artificial tears or by blinking is a great way to ease your tight eye muscles.

5. Dietary supplements are helpful in reducing strain. Vitamin A is good for all eye problems. Eye fatigue is reduced by taking Riboflavin.

6. A visit to the optometrist is perhaps the best treatment for eyestrain. He can check to make sure there is not an underlying problem. He may also recommend eyewear, if necessary or eye drops to stop the discomfort you may be experiencing.

7. Eye exercises will greatly relieve the strain. A good exercise is to lie down, close the eyes, and put a cold compress over them for about 10 minutes.

8. A good sleep is essential for good health. People who suffer from eye strain should get enough sleep every night to reduce the pain and strain.

9. Rest the eyes by closing them. This will help in relaxing the nearby muscles and relieve pain.

10. Wash the eyes with cold water to soothe them. It will ease pain and discomfort.

11. Prepare a mixture of 4gms alum (fitkari) powder and 30gms rose water (gulab jal). Put 2 to 3 drops of this mixture in each eye. This is a common home remedy for eyestrain and redness.

12. When you feel your eye is paining, insert cotton in that side of the ear. You will be relieved of pain within 2 to 3 hours.

Exercises to Relieve Eye Strain

1. Rub your hands together to make them warm and put them on your eyes. Make sure it is completely dark when you place your hands over your eyes. After you have felt the complete darkness, start over again. Rub your hands together to make them warm, and continue with the other steps after it. Follow these steps for at least five times.

2. Move your eyes in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Exercise by moving them to the right and the left, making sure to blink in between so that your eyes get some rest. You can perform this exercise for at least 8-10 times.

3. Blink your eyes. Alternate your eyes opening and closing for 3-5 seconds and repeat at least 8-10 times. This will ease your pain and relax your eye muscles.

4. Close your eyes with your hands. Make sure your hands do not touch your actual eyes. Concentrate and feel your warm hands. Do this warming procedure for 1 minute.

5. Select an object that is far away for about 150 feet. Stare at it for a just a little while. After you starred at the first object, move your eyes to another nearby object to stare it. Keep it within the same distance as the first object. You can perform this exercise up to 5 times.

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