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Home Remedies for Cataract

If you have a cataract, the lens of your eyes appears white and you cannot see properly. This is a very common eye problem. The normally transparent lens of the eyes is cloudy, which affects the transmission and focusing of light entering the eyes, reducing clarity of vision. The light rays do not fall properly on the lens of the eyes and hence the image formation does not happen.

In case you have blurred vision then there are chances that you are suffering from cataract. This is the initial stage of this disease. In further stage, the person suffering from cataract sees double images or spots. Cataracts usually develop in both eyes, but generally, one eye is more severely affected. A cataract in the central part of the lens or one that affects the whole lens can cause total loss of clarity and detail in vision. However, the affected eye will still be able to detect light and shade.

If cataracts are present from birth, total loss of vision may result. However, this eye disorder usually does not affect children or young adult. Most people over age 70 have some cataract formation, but visual loss is often minimal as only the outer edges of the lens are affected.

Cataracts occur because of the structural changes to protein fibers within the lens. These changes cause part or the entire lens to become cloudy. Changes in the protein fiber are a normal part of the aging process, but cataracts that develop earlier in life may occur because of an eye injury, family history of cataracts, medications such as steroids, or from prolonged unprotected exposure to sunlight. This eye problem may also occur due to uveitis, diabetes mellitus, or long-term treatment with the chromosomal abnormality or Down syndrome.

Cataracts usually develop over a period of months or years. In most cases, these are painless and usually cause only visual symptoms. In the starting stage, cloudiness may affect only a small part of the lens, and you may be unaware of any vision loss. With time, as the cataract grows larger, cloudiness affects more of the lens.

Symptoms of Cataracts

Clouded, blurred or distorted vision
Difficulty with vision at night
Star-shaped scattering of light from bright lights, particular at night
Sensitivity to light and glare
Altered color vision in which objects appear reddish or yellow
Need for brighter light for reading and other activities
Temporary improvement in near vision in people who were farsighted
Frequent changes in prescription eyeglass or contact lens
Inability to judge steps or distances
Inability to perform fine works
Double vision or multiple visions
Severe cataract may make the pupil of the eye appear cloudy

If the lens of your eyes appears cloudy and you cannot see properly, you should consult your doctor to avoid the possibility of more serious condition. You doctor probably will make a diagnosis from your symptoms. He may examine your eyes with a slit lamp and an ophthalmoscope. If your vision is affected significantly, he may recommend that the cataract is removed surgically and an artificial lens put in the eye. If there is no other reason for your visual deterioration, your sight should improve greatly after the operation. However, you may still need to wear glasses afterward.

Natural Treatment for Cataracts

A thorough body cleansing is essential to eliminate toxic matter. To start with, it will be beneficial to undergo a fast for 3-4 days on orange juice and water. After this initial fast, a very restricted diet should be followed for 2 weeks. In this regimen, breakfast may consist of grapes, oranges, or any other juicy seasonal fruit. Salads of raw seasonal vegetables, with olive oil and lemon juice dressing, and soaked raisins, figs or dates may be taken during lunch. Evening meals may consist of steamed vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, drumsticks, fenugreek, turnips, spinach (steamed in their own juices) and a few nuts or fruits, such as pears, apples and grapes.

After two weeks on this diet, the patient may take a well-balanced diet containing whole grain cereals, seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits. This diet regimen with short fast followed by a restricted diet should be repeated after 3 months of the commencement of the treatment and again 3 months later, if necessary. A warm water enema should be taken daily during the fast, and afterwards as necessary to cleanse the bowels.

The patient should avoid potatoes, white bread, cream, refined cereals, rice, puddings and pies, sugar, strong tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, pickles, condiments and sauces. There is increasing evidence to show that in several cases, cataracts have actually reversed by proper nutritional treatment. However, the time needed for such treatment may extend from 6 months to 3 years.

Home Remedies for Cataracts

1. The aniseed (valaiti saunf) is a common home remedy of cataract. Take about 6grams of aniseed daily in morning and evening. For better results, blend equal quantities of aniseed and coriander (dhania) powder, and add little sugar. This mixture is helpful in treating this eye problem. The mixture should be taken in doses of 12grams in morning and evening.

2. Another valuable home remedy for cataract is carrots. Eat plenty of raw carrots daily. Alternatively, take two glasses of carrot juice daily, one glass each morning and evening.

3. Castor oil is a useful home remedy for cataracts. Two drops of this oil should be instilled in the eyes before going to bed at night. Make sure that the oil is pure and does not contain any particles.

4. Spinach (palak) is another effective home remedy for cataract. It is rich in antioxidants, including beta-carotene. Add plenty of spinach in your daily diet.

5. Put few drops of pure honey in your affected eye, as it is very useful natural remedy for cataract.

6. Extract the juice of pumpkin flower and apply it on the eyelids. Keep for 15 minutes and then wash it off. Do this twice a day. This is another simple home remedies for cataracts.

7. Oranges and grapes are also helpful in treating cataract. Drinking juices of these fruits is one of the effective home remedies for cataract.

8. Garlic (lahsun) is useful in the treatment of cataract. Consume 2-3 cloves of garlic daily. Eat garlic raw and chew slowly. It helps to keep the lens of the eyes clean. Increase the intake of garlic to improve eyesight but you should be cautious taking garlic if having acidity problem.

9. Dates, raisins, and figs are also good for the treatment of cataract.

10. Prepare a powder with almonds (badam), pepper (kaali mirch) and sugar candy. This mixture should be taken twice daily. This is one of the effective home remedies for cataract.

11. Prepare a cocktail from parsley juice and carrot juice and drink it. This is very beneficial for treating cataract.

12. Put cardamom (elaichi) powder in one glass of lukewarm milk and drink it before going to bed at night. This is a very healthy drink for good eyesight.

13. Eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits, as these are beneficial for eyes. Eat good quantity of salads and vegetable soups almost for one meal of the day.

14. Avoid too much oily, junk and processed food. Tea, coffee, bread, pickles and potatoes are bad for overall health, so avoid them in your diet. Stay away from smoking and alcohol.

15. Wear sunglass to protect your eyes form sunrays whenever you go out in sun. Also give proper rest to your eyes by taking good sleep. Do not overstress your eyes.

16. Put your palms over the eyes and gently apply some pressure on the eyes for about 30 seconds. Keep on doing this at least 4-5 times daily.

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