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Bronchitis Home Remedies

Bronchitis is a very common respiratory system disease that generally occurs in the winter seasons. It mainly happens due to bacterial or viral infection. Most cases of bronchitis are caused by viral infection. Sometimes bacteria are responsible for this condition, and in rare cases, fungal infection can lead to bronchitis.

This respiratory disorder is caused by the inflammation of the lining of the membrane that lines the bronchi and bronchial tube in the chest. Thus, if a person is affected with this condition, there is usually pain in chest, deep cough, sore throat, hoarseness and a thick phlegm or mucus that is released, usually when coughing. The person feels a sensation of tightness in the chest, difficulty in breathing, and wheezing sounds. He may have mild to moderate fever or malaise.

There are two major types of bronchitis - acute and chronic bronchitis. The most common is acute bronchitis. This is the consequence of an infection with a virus or bacteria. Acute bronchitis is in most of the cases a result of an infection in the higher respiratory system. This respiratory disorder can affect infants, children, old people, smokers, and people with a weak respiratory system or living in highly polluted atmospheres. It is extremely contagious and should be treated as quickly as possible.

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Home remedies for Bronchitis

1. Add half a teaspoon of turmeric (haldi) powder in a glass of milk and boil for five minutes. Drink this milk two or three times daily. For better results, take this milk on an empty stomach. This is a popular home remedy for bronchitis.

2. Epsom salt bath is beneficial in the treatment, especially of the acute condition. Dissolve two to three pounds of salt in bathing water at a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Take this bath once a week if you suffer from acute bronchitis, or two or three times a week for those with chronic condition.

3. To prevent chronic bronchitis, stop smoking. Smoking is one of the most common causes of chronic bronchitis. People who smoke find difficulty in recovering from acute bronchitis and other infections involving the lungs.

4. You can prevent this condition by washing your hands regularly. Hand-sanitizers are excellent for preventing the spread of infections. Make sure to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, and wash your hands afterwards.

5. Mix half a teaspoon each of the powder of pepper (kali mirch), dry ginger (saunth), and cloves (laung). Lick this mixture with honey three times a day. You can also prepare tea by adding ginger, pepper, and cloves along with some sugar. This home remedy is extremely helpful in reducing fever associated bronchitis.

6. The expectorant characteristics of the onion (pyaz) make it a valuable home remedy for bronchitis. Take a teaspoon of raw onion juice, first thing in the morning. It dissolves phlegm and prevents its further formation.

7. Prepare a mixture of one teaspoon of sesame (til) seeds with a teaspoon of linseed or flaxseed (alsi) Add a pinch of common salt, and a teaspoon of honey. Take this mixture at night to get relief.

8. Chicory (kasni) is an effective home remedy for bronchitis. Prepare power of the dry roots of chicory. Mix half a teaspoon of this mixture with a teaspoonful of honey. Take this mixture three times a day. This is very useful expectorant in chronic condition.

9. Prepare a poultice by combining one cup of the powdered linseeds (alsi) with an amount of hot water, sufficient to change them into a soft moist mass. Apply this hot poultice over the front and back of the chest. This is very useful home remedy for bronchitis.

10. Inhaling eucalyptus oil is beneficial to get relief from the inflamed lungs. You can also prepare a hot cup of eucalyptus tea to soothe the symptoms. To prepare tea, crush dried or fresh eucalyptus leaf into small pieces and boil in a cup of water. Sweeten with honey if desired. Sip slowly while hot.

11. Garlic (lahsun) and onion (pyaz) are useful home remedies for bronchitis to relieve the symptoms effectively. Tea prepared by mixing both garlic and ginger should be taken two or three times a day.

12. Roast a teaspoon of carom seeds (ajwain) and pound into a powder. Add double the amount of powdered sugar candy (misri) and take with warm water two or three times a day.

13. Local massage of a warm paste of asafoetida (hing) on the chest is also useful in bronchitis.

14. Betel (pan) leaf is another valuable home remedy for bronchitis or chronic cough. Mix 5 to 10 ml juice extracted from betel leaves with freshly ground basil (tulsi), ginger (adrak) and mint. Add five pounded peppercorns (gol mirch) to the paste. Take half a teaspoon of this preparation twice, along with some honey.

15. Regular use of ginger (adrak) is beneficial in both acute as well as chronic bronchitis. Add a few drops of the juice of fresh ginger to your daily tea.

16. Extract the juice by pounding few bulbs of garlic (lagsun) regularly. Consume it regularly. This is helpful in chronic cough and bronchitis.

17. Holy basil (tulsi) acts as an expectorant and help in removing phlegm. The juice extracted from the juice of fresh leaves of holy basil is beneficial in the treatment.

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