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Home Remedies for Cystitis, Bladder Infection, Inflammation

Cystitis is the infection and inflammation of the bladder that occurs when bacteria enters the urinary tract and infect the urethra and the bladder. This infection comes from rectum to vagina to urethra and bladder. It is more common in women than in men.

The major cause of cystitis is infection, but it may also occur due to constipation. Nephritis can also cause pus in the urine. It may be due to either infection or stones. Especially in women after delivery, they are more prone for cystitis. Lime or calcium deposition in the bladder may produce bladder infection.

There are many symptoms of bladder inflammation. Patients suffering from cystitis will have frequency of urine along with burning sensation and pain in the lower abdomen and pelvic region. The urine will be of bad smell with pus or blood or with both. The urine sometimes will stingy, thick and dark. Scalding sensation while passing urine indicates the inflammation is at urethra. Sometimes there will be temperature, which usually respond to treatment, it may fail and the temperature continues. Some patients suffer from pain in the lower back.

The patient with acute cystitis should keep fast with either water or tender coconut water for 3-4 days. Raw vegetable juices are beneficial provided no fever in the patient. The patient may take carrot juice for every 2-3 hours for 3-4 days. Solid foods are completely restricted. Give fruits of peaches, apples, melon and grapes. Patient must be in bed rest and his body is kept warm. In order to relieve pain, apply hot towel to the abdomen. Apply compress over the bladder, kidney and pelvic areas to avoid congestion. After that, give a well balanced diet with nuts, grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Avoid refined carbohydrates, salt, tea, coffee, alcohol, fish, meat and poultry. Increased salt intake may raise blood pressure whereas fish, meat and poultry may produce more uric acid. For patients with chronic nephritis, give juice of carrot or apple early in the morning. At breakfast, give fresh fruits, apple, grapes, pineapple, melon and buttermilk. In between, give tender coconut water.

For lunch, give cabbage mixed with fresh curd along with honey, and salad of raw carrot. In afternoon, give fresh grape juice. For dinner, give fresh fruit juice like melon along with honey. Then a well balanced diet including vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits are given. The patient must be on this diet for at least 2-3 months.

After defecation, clean the anal genital area from front to back to prevent spreading germs from the anus. Wash the area down below with swabs and water twice a day and never use vaginal deodorants or bubble baths. Wear cotton pants and avoid tight trousers. Drink lot of fluids to clear the urinary passage of germs. Do not suppress or hold urine for any period. Urinate as soon as you feel the urge to do so.

Ensure adequate lubrication before lovemaking. Empty the bladder after 15 minutes of intercourse to wash any germs that may have entered the urethra. Passing urine immediately after taking food prevents diseases of the kidney, liver and back. It also prevents many other problems like gout. Treatments and home remedies for burning while passing urine can be applied here too. Regular practice of yogic exercise helps relieve you from this problem.

You can cure bladder infections with high doses of vitamin C as it increases the urine's acidity. An acidic condition makes it unlikely for bacteria to settle and reproduce. For recurring bouts of cystitis, Vitamins A and E are highly recommended. Vitamin A maintains stability in the mucus membranes lining the bladder walls. Vitamin E facilitates the supply of oxygen to the cells and prevents the scarring due to bladder inflammation.

Drumstick has diuretic properties. Take one cup of juice of drumstick flowers along with a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of fresh limejuice. Take this three times a day. This is a useful home remedy for bladder infection.

One simple home remedy for cystitis is lemon. Put a teaspoon of lemon juice in 200 ml of boiling water. Allow it to cool. Take 50 ml of this water every two hours from morning to noon. This will also cure burning urination and minor bleeding problems.

Cucumber has diuretic properties. Take one cup of the cucumber juice along with a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of limejuice. Take this mixture thrice a day. You may also take a cup of the juice of radish leaves in the morning daily for 15 days.

Spinach is another useful home remedy for cystitis. 100 ml of fresh juice of fresh spinach juice with equal amount of the tender coconut water two times a day is beneficial in treating this condition.

Lady's finger is also a useful home remedy for bladder infection. Prepare a decoction of by boiling 100 grams of lady's fingers in 200 ml of water. Take this two times a day.

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