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Pregnancy Week 7

There has been some fabulous growth in your little one. Your baby is about 0.35 inches in length and is close to the size of a little grape. If you could see your little one, you will observe the following. The head has got bigger and the mouth can be seen with a little tongue forming inside. By now the eyes already has a retina and lens. There is webbing between the little fingers and toes. Teeth are beginning to form inside the gums, but it will not show till months after your baby is born.

Veins may be seen through the skin and some of the bigger blood vessels have begun to form. The spinal cord has also formed together with the brain. All the other major organs like the liver, intestines, pancreas, lungs, kidneys, and bladder and of course the heart is all growing and developing. The heart is already pumping fluid through the circulatory system and the liver has started to produce red blood cells. As the major muscles continue to develop, your baby is active and having tiny uncoordinated movements while floating around in the amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac. However as he is still tiny, you will not be able to feel it as yet.

Your belly may have expanded a teeny weenie bit. Your earlier clothes are becoming uncomfortable as they are becoming tighter. But other people cannot tell that you are pregnant, unless you tell them yourself. You may also experience your first migraine. Those who experience migraines earlier may either get total relief or they may get it like clockwork at certain times.

Migraines are usually accompanied with nausea and this may be followed by vomiting. You will feel pulsing at the sides of your temple. Certain types of food such as chocolates, coffee, wine and cheeses may be the source, so avoid them. Strong smells, lack of sleep and stress can also cause migraines, so learn to relax through meditation and get plenty of rest.

Its best not to take any drugs during the first trimester as the baby is still forming. Use some natural remedies such as using hot or cold towels for relief. However if you absolutely need a pain killer, consult your physician; do not take any on your own. Headaches may subside after this week, and remember they are all passing clouds; they will soon be gone with the birth of your little bundle of happiness.

You may also have a breakout of acne due to the hormonal changes. But not to worry, just make sure you keep your face cleansed and by the second trimester it will all disappear.
You will be craving some kind of food, especially if you lack certain nutrients. Whatever the craving, allow it in small amounts. If you eat too much of it, it may become a health hazard or it'll make you put on extra weight. By eating a variety of food you may be able to overcome your cravings as one of the foods you eat will have the nutrient you are lacking.

Sometimes your cravings can be odd like wanting to eat, paint, raw meat or uncooked rice. For the good of your baby do not pander to them. Consult your doctor for advice.

Other pregnancy symptoms that you may get are cramps, but they usually do not last very long. Tender breasts and urinating frequently are other symptoms that you may experience.

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