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Pregnancy Week 41

Your baby is still growing in pregnancy week 41, and is already 20.4" long and 7.9 pounds heavy. You have actually entered into the fourth trimester. If your baby is not born by the 42nd week, you doctor will induce the labor. Waiting longer than two weeks after your due date will create unnecessary, risky complications.

Babies beyond 42 weeks will be overweight, and the labor will take a longer time and so there is a higher risk with a vaginal delivery. There is a great chance that a late baby is delivered by a caesarean section. No one is exactly sure as to what triggers the labor, but there few factors are involved. They believe that the baby's brain secretes certain chemicals that will in turn induce the mother's body to secrete certain hormones, which will result in labor. The water bag may burst or you will discharge bloody mucus, and your contractions will be painful and more frequent.

In pregnancy week 41, you can go into labor at any time. The doctor monitors the baby's heartbeat during both the labor and delivery, as it will let him know of the baby's condition. When you go into labor, the amount of blood that flows to the uterus is less. For most babies this will not be a problem but for some it will cause fetal distress.

In pregnancy week 41, you will be feeling quite anxious as the due date has come and gone. However, many mothers go through this if it's any comfort to you. But generally babies who are born after the due date are alert, weigh more and have more hair than babies that are born early. Anyway if you do not deliver this week, chances are as mentioned above, your doctor will induce you to labor in pregnancy week 42 or the latest week 43. Whatever symptoms you get such as your baby's movement slows down a lot or if liquid starts leaking from your uterus make sure, you let your doctor know.

If your baby is born this pregnancy week 41, you may see that whether your baby is a boy or girl, the breasts and genitals are swollen. This is the result of the extra female hormones transmitted to your baby from you. They will eventually disappear after a few days. The baby's skin will also be smooth but sometimes the baby is born with red spots like acne, or pus-filled bumps.

In pregnancy week 41, if you are still waiting out your pregnancy, find something that will occupy your time and mind. Write down all the things that you need to do before you actually go into labor, if you have not. Writing down is very therapeutic, and at the same time you will not forget to do anything that is important. You can write a list of things to take and check it off as you pack your bag. Make sure you have the telephone numbers of all your family and friends that you can call after delivery from the hospital bed.

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