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Pregnancy Week 36

In pregnancy week 36, your baby weighs about 5.8 pounds and is nearly 18.7" long. You little one is really growing so fast that the space in the uterus is cramped. However, this growing will continue right until birth. The fat your baby is putting on is to insulate him or her from the cold outside by helping to regulate the body temperature. Because of the fat, there are dimples on the elbows and knees, and even folds in the neck and wrists. Your baby is completing 9 months and there is another 4 weeks before your baby makes an appearance. The more weight your little one puts on, the easier it is to face the outside temperature. Even if your little one makes an appearance now, your baby can live without any intensive care.

In pregnancy week 36, your little one is about to drop into the birth canal anytime now to prepare for the delivery. Many researchers belief, the baby will send a signal to the mother when he or she is ready for delivery. However, no one is hundred percent sure about how the activation takes place. There are so many other factors that can act upon babies and mother otherwise. However, some researchers feel that when the baby is ready to be born the baby's brain activates the adrenal glands and these adrenal glands then produce hormones, which alter the production of the progesterone and estrogen levels in the mother, which is the signal for the woman to go into labor. Other researchers feel that the baby's lungs release hormones that inform the rest of the organs that they are matured, and therefore able to live in the outside environment.

In pregnancy week 36, you are still growing and the uterus and abdomen keep stretching. It is amazing to note the capacity to which the uterus and abdomen can stretch. It is only during pregnancy, that there is so much transformation that happens to the body.

Full term can be anywhere between 37 weeks to 42 weeks. However, the average is 40 weeks. You may want your baby delivered early through a caesarian section, if you feel the last few weeks an uphill journey for you in terms of the pregnancy symptoms. Most babies are ready to face the world, on their due date or at least close to it.

In pregnancy week 36, the amount of amniotic fluid is constant. Your baby still swallows amniotic fluid and excretes it as urine daily. This keeps the fluid in your uterus balanced. Some may suffer from abnormal amounts of amniotic fluid which is either too much or too little and about 8% of women suffer this condition. The doctor during the ultrasound always monitors the level of the amniotic fluid.

In pregnancy week 36, learn to enjoy the last few weeks with your baby moving in your uterus. Keep doing very light exercises and stretching. In this period, you can begin to get more information about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is an art that is simple to learn. You will find that breastfeeding not only increase the bond between you and your newborn, but it also helps your uterus to contract each time you breastfeed.

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