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Pregnancy Week 33

In pregnancy week 33, your little one is 4.2 pounds and is 17.2 " long. Your little one has gained nearly another half pound this week. Your baby will focus on gaining weight in the coming weeks to delivery by continuing to grow and put on weight. The amount of amniotic fluid produced each day has been increasing and will peak in pregnancy week 33, after which it will remain consistent and later begin to decrease as your baby grows bigger. As your baby grows bigger and adding more fat under the skin, the redness of the skin is disappearing and the complexion is becoming more natural.

If your baby is a boy, the testes has already moved from near the kidneys to the scrotum, and if your baby is a girl than the vulva is relatively prominent.

The time for delivery is drawing nearer, and in pregnancy week 33, you must not only be eagerly anticipating your darling little one's birth, but the discomfort of the third trimester is making you want to complete this pregnancy as fast as possible. Ask your doctor whether it is possible to pre-register for delivery, so that all you have to do is be admitted the day your labor pains start, instead of having to think of all the details to enter into the registration form.

The fundus is slightly over 5" above the belly button, and from the beginning of your pregnancy to week 33, you may have gained about 28 pounds. As your baby is growing very fast, at a rate of 1/2 a pound a week in the third trimester, you are also gaining weight.

If you've still not experienced any swelling or edema, in the face and legs, you will be beginning to feel it this pregnancy week 33. Drinking more water is not going to make you feel more bloated as some women may feel, in fact it is to make you less so. You may also experience some tingling and numbness on your fingers and around you wrists in pregnancy week 33. This may be due to carpal syndrome, where the nerves running through the wrist are being compressed by the swollen tissues in your wrist. This is more obvious in women who need to type a lot. To elevate this, take a break often from typing to stretch your fingers and wrists.

By pregnancy week 33, you will be curious as to what to expect during labor. There are four stages to delivery. In stage one, the cervix dilates slowly. You will not realize this happening. Sometimes the mucus plug which is cervical mucus, forming a plug to close up the uterus, discharges and looks bloody. This stage is the longest and can take more than 14 hours for first timers. Next in stage two, your cervix will dilate from a minimum of 2 inches. For first timers, this stage will last for about six to eight hours. If you are having an epidural delivery, your doctor may give it to you in stage two.

Then there is a transitional stage where the cervix can dilate to a maximum of 4". Your contractions will come every two to three minutes, and you are going to deliver soon, and this period can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

By stage three, your little one will be fully in the pelvis and the cervix fully dilates, up to four inches. This is where you begin to push, and if you have learned some delivery method, you'll find it easier to time your pushing and breathing with the contractions. Some may have to push for an hour or more and some will only need to push for 20 minutes. In stage four, you deliver your baby, but there is one more delivery and that is of the placenta.

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