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Pregnancy Week 31

In pregnancy week 31, your little one will weigh 3.3 pounds and will be 16" long. Your baby is building more layers of subcutaneous fat. The fat under the skin will keep your baby warm when delivered. The arms and legs which were looking wrinkled a week or two ago is beginning to look more plump, as they are continually filling out. The skin no longer looks red as it did a few weeks ago.

Your baby is finding less and less room for the earlier gymnastics that he or she was enjoying. The movements are still there although becoming less often, but they sometimes surprise you in the strength of the movement. Your little one will still be growing in pregnancy week 31. The irises can contract and dilate when exposed to different intensities of light. The intestines and lungs are about to mature.

In pregnancy week 31, the fundus is about 4.5" above the belly button, and you'll find yourself breathless more often. Take things easy so that you do not get too tired or fatigued. Even if you feel breathless, your little one is getting enough oxygen through the placenta. Continue to do a lot of stretching and walking. You will also find that your breasts leak colustrum which is the substance that flows through your breasts the first few days after delivery. It may be colorless, yellow or slightly orange. It is not only going to nourish your little one, but as colustrum contains a lot of antibodies, it will boost your baby's immune system and protect against infections in the first few weeks of life. If you do a leak a lot, you can use a good breast pad.

Your focus in pregnancy week 31 will be, more on the actual delivery which will occur pretty soon. Some women may prefer a natural delivery, while others may opt for an induced delivery or a caesarean section. The decision lies with you, after consulting with your gynecologist. Caesarean section is always considered when your baby is breeched, that is the head is not engaged in the pelvis, but the head is above and buttocks are below. This makes delivery very difficult and the doctor will decide to have a caesar done, rather than a normal delivery.

If you are planning to have a natural birth it is better to go for the Lamaze course, if you haven't done so yet. It is course that teaches you to breathe and relax during contractions. The course gives you the confidence to deliver your little one naturally. Whatever method you choose to deliver, you and your doctor will make the choice, depending on the condition of your baby and yourself.

In pregnancy week 31, do not forget to continue to take not only small frequent meals, but also food with a lot of protein for the building of muscles; calcium for the bones; vitamins for the various bodily processes that take place in your and your little one's body; and fiber as roughage for moving your bowels. And remember to take your 8-10 glasses of water a day.

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