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Pregnancy Week 30

In pregnancy week 30, your baby is 15.7" long and 2.9 pounds heavy. Lanugo, the baby fine hair is falling from the skin and being replaced with real hair. The brain is still producing millions of neurons or nerve cells. Although no new neurons will be added after your baby is born, the brain will only mature fully to its actual size, when your little one becomes a child of five.

In pregnancy week 30, your little one is hard at work growing and developing dramatically, to fill the uterus. As your baby grows and takes up more space, the amount of amniotic fluid will begin to decrease. The fundus has grown to about 4" above the navel.

Your little one now can open and close the eyes, and turn the head to the light. The permanent teeth buds have also formed in the gums, as seen in the ultra-sound. Toe nails continue to grow, and your little one enjoys sucking the thumb. Your baby has a strong grip, and is able to recognize your voice. The lungs are pretty good at breathing, and now the bone marrow has taken over the production of red blood cells. You can now notice the different parts of your little one moving across your tummy. It is fun to try and identify the part with your partner.

In pregnancy week 30, you'll find that you're feeling tired and fatigued. One of the reasons for this is the increasing amount of progesterone that your body is producing. Another reason could be because; you are probably not getting enough sleep at night. You can use many pillows to support the back, tummy and legs as you sleep at night or you can get one of those pregnancy pillows that will help support your curves as you sleep or sit. Also take a few catnaps during the day to overcome your fatigue. You may also find it easier sleeping while reclining.

You are also going to find mood swings make their appearance again in pregnancy week 30. Keep doing those exercises, as the energy created will make you feel better. Anyway the exercises that you can do now, while feeling clumsy, are only walking, swimming and stretching. When you get up in the morning, do some stretching exercises while still on your bed and you'll find pretty much relieved of many aches and pain.

You may still be suffering from heartburn in pregnancy week 30. This is because the uterus is pressing against the stomach, and so when your stomach is full, some of the food goes back into the esophagus. To overcome this, eat very small and frequent meals. And lying down in a reclined position can also help.

In pregnancy week 30, you may want to discuss with your doctor whether you want to undergo natural childbirth or whether you want to use an epidural to have a more painless childbirth. The choice is yours, but many who have gone through natural childbirth have said that natural childbirth gives a good feeling that is beyond words.

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