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Pregnancy Week 29

In pregnancy week 29, your little one weighs 2.5 pounds and is 15.2" long. Your baby will be quickly gaining weight and will be experiencing some new symptoms. Each day the brains are producing many neurons and the head is becoming bigger to accommodate the brain. Your baby's lungs and muscles are developing and maturing. You must eat good nutritious food that contains a lot of proteins, calcium, folic acid, vitamin C and iron as your little one is going to absorb a lot of nutrients to grow even heavier before delivery. Drink lots of milk or yogurt as your baby needs lots of it to harden the bones. You need to take a lot of rest as well.

In pregnancy week 29, your fundus is more than 3" above the navel. You may weigh up to 26 pounds. You are probably suffering from heartburn, because your uterus is growing bigger day by day. You will notice when your little one is awake, and when he or she is resting. You must observe your baby's movements each day now. Contact your doctor immediately, if you find a big decrease in the movement or you feel some very different movements happening.

As your baby is growing vigorously in pregnancy week 29, you must not only eat the nutrients mentioned above, but you must also eat small meals very often. This is also because your digestion is not as active as before, as a result of the increasing levels of progesterone. Also the space in your abdomen is decreasing. Also take foods with a lot of fiber and drink lots of water, so that you don't get constipated and suffer from hemorrhoids.

During this last trimester, your legs and feet are going to experience swelling or edema. To elevate this condition, you must put your feet up whenever you can, and do some exercises such as walking.

Sleeping during pregnancy week 29 is not a piece of cake. This is because of the ever expanding uterus, which puts a lot of pressure on all of your abdominal organs, your lower back and pelvis. This makes it difficult for you to sleep. You may find comfort in the pregnancy pillows that help support your curves, so that you can get a little good sleep or some good rest when you are sitting down.

Now in pregnancy week 29 and above, you may want to start thinking of whether you want to breastfeed. You also can find out more about the advantages of breastfeeding your little one, and how you are going to do so when you go out to work. Breastfeeding is a gift that every mother can give her child as it brings so many advantages. Human milk for a human baby is of course the best. It is good to feed your young one for at least a year if not more. Some of the advantages are providing your baby with natural antibodies that make your little one immune to a lot of illnesses. Your milk is also free and you don't have to spend large amounts to feed your baby. Breastfeeding also makes your uterus contract and this can help contract your abdomen. Breastfeeding acts as a natural contraceptive method and it also helps you lose weight. Breastfeeding also establishes a greater bond between mother and child.

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