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Pregnancy Week 17

In pregnancy week 17, your baby will be around 5" long and weigh more than 3.5 ounces and in some women nearly five ounces. This is a period of rapid calcification, and the skeleton of cartilage is quickly becoming bone. It is very important at these stages to eat a lot of dairy products like milk, cheese and best of all yoghurt. As the bones are getting stronger, your little one is actively swimming and floating around in the amniotic fluid. There is still a lot of room for a fetus to do a dance even. By now you will be able to feel your baby's fluttery movements.

At pregnancy week 17, your little one hears what is happening on the outside. It is important to listen to good and inspiring music, and see movies that are also inspiring and positive. You can also start reading good books on human values so that you will be bringing up your little one in the right way, even before he or she is born. Stay away from people who tend to bring out the worst in you, as whatever dialogue you have with another person can be heard and learnt by your little one. In other words, be on your best behavior, and your baby learns good behavior from the womb.

Since your baby hears you, it's time to bond even closer. Rub your tummy in circular movements, as though to soothe your little one, you can also start to speak lovingly, and I bet you that you will get a response.

Now let us look at your development. What is happening with you, this pregnancy week 17? Your uterus is now bigger, but is getting more elongated as it accommodates your little baby. As the uterus grows it displaces the other organs such as the intestines away to the sides. Some women can still hide their pregnancy for a few more weeks, if they want.

In pregnancy week 17, some pregnant women may experience some vaginal discharge, known as leucorrhoea, a milky white discharge due to the increase in blood flow, as well as the increase in the estrogen hormone. If the discharge is a lot, it may be the amniotic fluid, and if it is, check to see that it is not bloody. If there is a lot of discharge or blood in the discharge, you must contact your doctor, as it may be a sign of pre-mature labor.

If you are worried about your pregnancy, and on top of that you are facing some stress in your workplace, take rest as much as possible and find ways to de-stress yourself. In week 17, you can go for pregnancy yoga and learning some simple meditation to help you relax and cope with stress. You can also voice out your feelings to the doctor who will be able to explain certain things about your pregnancy to you. Also talk it out with your partner and let him know, so that he can help in some way for you to relax. If you have enough exercise and enough rest and sleep, you will feel much better.

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