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Pregnancy Week 14

In pregnancy week 14, your baby is officially in the second trimester, and will nearly double the length to nearly 4" or longer and can weigh nearly 1.5ozs. Neck has lengthened while the head looks even more proportionate to the body than before. The chin will slowly rise from the chest. More of the baby-fine hair called lanugo is growing in various parts of the body. Your baby is practicing to breathe, but instead of breathing air, the medium is the amniotic fluid. Ears are moving to where it belongs, and the eyes continue to move closer together. Other than opening and closing the fingers, your young one can show a fist as well.

Your baby has already started to receive blood with nutrition, through the placenta. It's best to eat with care. By now you are most likely not drinking alcohol or smoking, as they can have a bad effect on your darling one. Whatever you put into your mouth is ultimately going to make its journey into your baby's body through the placenta. To have a healthy, bouncy baby, eat food that is good for both of you. Be careful of what cleaning materials you are using, to clean the house, as the chemical can go through your breath or skin and end in the baby through the placenta. If you want to paint a room and convert it into your little one's nursery, get your partner or the painters to do the job. If you have cats around your house and neighborhood, either get someone else to clean the litter box or use gloves to do it and also use gloves if you work in the garden. Cats can pass disease to you and to your baby.

Now, let's look at what is happening with you. The second trimester is the best time of the whole pregnancy. Your abdomen is starting to show, and the extra energy that you have now, you will want to exercise. There are certain pregnancy exercises and pregnancy yoga that you can start in pregnancy week 14 that can help you deliver easily later. However, whatever you do, take things slowly. Through exercise you can maintain your blood pressure, so that you do not get tired and your baby will be supplied with adequate oxygen.

Are you having difficulty moving your bowels in this pregnancy week 14? This can also be caused by the added iron in the pre-natal vitamins that you may be taking. To alleviate it, drink lots of water, and eat fiber-rich food such as raw vegetables and fruits. You will feel very hungry, and during this period you can have an extra intake of 300 calories to your regular calories. Even if you are putting on weight you must never think of going on a diet. You can eat around 300 calories and can increase it soon to 500 calories. If you maintain this, you will actually not be putting on weight in your body. The added weigh is the weight of your baby's body, the amniotic fluid, the placenta and the uterus. Most of the weight disappears on the birth of your little one, and in no time you can attain your original weight.

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