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Pregnancy Week 11

This pregnancy week 11, the web-like structure that was between the fingers and toes have disappeared, and your little one is kicking and swimming, keeping himself or herself pretty busy, in the vast space of the uterus. The movements are getting to be more coordinated, and your little one has found a way to get comfort by putting the thumb or fingers in the mouth. The fingers and hands are becoming very tactile. Your darling is also opening and closing the fists because of the new sensations that are being experienced. Your baby's sense of smell has begun developing and together with the development of the taste buds, your little one begins to experience smell and taste.

In the growth department your young one will be like Speedy Gonzalez and will gain a lot of weight real fast, and will double in weight in the next three week or so. By the end of pregnancy week 11, your fetus is 1.6" to 2" long and as big as a plum that you could easily hold in your palm. At no other time your little one will be growing as now.

Your baby's skin is so very translucent and is thin as paper. Blood vessels can be seen during this period. The other layers of the skin will form to become a many-layered protective membrane. But it will remain translucent as the skin will still be comparatively thin. The skin will however thicken when approaching full term.

As for you in pregnancy week 11, your stomach will start protruding a bit, but still not enough for other people to notice, especially if this is your first baby. This is because the uterus can still fit into the pelvis. Once your uterus expands and moves out of the pelvis, everyone will be able to see that you are pregnant.

In another one or two week, you will feel less nausea. You will be beginning to gain weight. Your emotions will be acting up and some of you may experience depression and may feel like crying for no valid reason. It's not a big deal to cry. In fact after you've had a good cry, you will find that you feel much better. Keep yourself positive; listen to some good music that stimulates both your right and left brains. It'll also stimulate both your baby's brains, which could mean a more balanced brain. In this period, be sure to hear good things, so choose good movies to watch.

This pregnancy week 11, you may begin to develop varicose veins as the volume of blood in your body increases. It is also due to the pressing of the growing uterus on your veins which pass through that region from the legs. Exercising is good as it will improve circulation, so go for daily walks. If you have a sit-down job, take short breaks and go for a short walk, in your place of work. Whenever you sit or lie down put your feet and legs up. You can use a support stocking for your legs. Varicose veins should disappear after delivery. If it does not, ask your doctor for advice.

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