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Urinary Tract Infections During Pregnancy

Pregnancy in a woman's life is a really delicate period. Any complications that occur during the nine months of pregnancy can have serious consequences on the health of the baby, and the future health of the mother too. This is the reason why mothers are extra careful during pregnancy, and doctors too give long detailed prescriptions of the kind of food that needs to be consumed and the kind of exercises that one needs to do on a regular basis. The emphasis is on making sure that the baby's growth and development inside the womb happens in a proper manner without any kind of hindrances.

However, sometimes some minor problems find their way, and come to trouble during pregnancy. One of the most common kinds of problems that women have to face during pregnancy is that of urinary tract infections, also known as bladder infections. Most of these infections can be sorted out and cured with the help of some antibiotics. But what makes the problem worse during pregnancy is the fact that these antibiotics may have some side-effects on the baby.

It is the E-coli bacteria which causes the urinary tract infections. And under normal circumstances, the antibiotics work very well to get rid of these bacteria and treat the problem. But since the antibiotics reduce the absorption value of folic acid the body, complications stand a chance to occur when these infections occur during pregnancy. Folic acid is really important during pregnancy for the healthy development of the spinal cord in the unborn child. Absence of this may result in some complications.

Doctors anyway suggest reduced amount of medication during pregnancy, because what may be the mildest medicine for you may be really difficult for your baby to deal with. Thus when there is a no to medicines itself, then consumption of medicines to treat urinary tract infections is of course a serious issue. Then what does one do under such circumstances?

You of course cannot sit at home thinking that since you are not allowed to take medicines during medicines, you cannot take them for UTI as well and cannot cure it. And then you obviously cannot choose to ignore the problem as it stands a chance of worsening and may have a serious impact on your baby. Then what you do finally is go in for some natural homemade treatments that help to get rid of the bacteria that cause the UTI. Luckily these days, some herbal and other products are available in the market, which have the same impact and effect as that of medicines, but they are natural, and hence do not carry with them any risk of side-effects for the mother and the baby.

But the natural remedies can of course be followed only when you know that the problem is minor and will get sorted soon. Most of the times women are not able to detect what problem it is, and under such cases, it is best to avoid self-medication and go in for consulting a doctor instead.

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