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Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

When a woman is in confusion, so as to whether she is pregnant or not, make sure to perform a home pregnancy test. To be very confidential, make the test done at your health care provider’s chamber. Symptoms of pregnancy are not similar for each and every woman. Symptom of pregnancy may differ in their intensity, and regularity. Remember that most of the earliest symptom can materialize to be same as regular menstrual discomforts.

If a woman is making efforts to perceive that it might be the menstruation period coming once again, but in fact she might be experiencing a very early symptom of pregnancy. One can also think that it is her pre menstrual symptom but in reality she may be experiencing the early symptoms. One may also experience a several emotional and physical alterations. Notice that several early signs of pregnancy might be delicate but not definite.

Following are the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy:

1. Missed Out Period: Possibly, the most definite symptom of pregnancy is when one has missed a menstruation period. This probable symptom makes a woman anxious to know more details about other symptoms. You may not experience any other symptom given below, if you have not missed out your menstruation period.

2. Just Feeling Pregnant: Most of the women consider that they have a perception about the signs of pregnancy. Their perception at times proves to be accurate. You may feel unusual like weary, queasy, moody, slight headache. At the same time you may also experience heartburn, constipation and you might find yourself urinating frequently. You may also suffer from stiffness in your lower back, swollen breasts and etc.

3. Tenderness of Breasts: One of the perceptible early symptoms of pregnancy is tender, swollen and painful breasts. This symptom is observed usually at bedtime, when you try to comfort yourself. When a woman becomes pregnant, your body starts arranging your breasts to produce milk and for breast feeding. Hormones initiate to increase. Apart from feeling of tenderness and swelling of breasts, you may feel the pain in the nipples or its sensitivity. In the process of childbirth, the breasts play a significant role. This is the most definite symptom.

4. Frequent Urination: A pregnant woman would notice that she is repeatedly visiting restrooms. The reason for frequent urination is that the expanded swollen uterus puts pressure on the bladder. Due to pregnancy, excess fluids of the body are processed by the kidneys and the bladder. This symptom of pregnancy can be prolonged till the delivery.

5. Nausea: This early symptom can be observed within a week after conception. The majority of the woman experiences this symptom when they consume tea or coffee in the morning on an empty stomach. This is referred to as a morning sickness. While other women observe nausea in the evening or in the afternoon. To get relief from nausea, you must consume repeated smaller meals. This symptom is likely to subside, when reached at the later stage of pregnancy.

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