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Second Trimester of Pregnancy Weeks 13-27

There are so many names for this second trimester 13-27. Some call it the Golden age, some call it the honeymoon period of pregnancy, but whatever it may be called, it is the best of the three trimesters, due to a few reasons.

First you can rest easy that a miscarriage risk is very much reduced, and you can sleep easy knowing that. If you suffered from nausea and vomiting you would be happy to know that in the second trimester 13-27, you will be bidding it goodbye. Your tiredness and exhaustion has reduced a lot. Neither are you experiencing the aches and pains of the third trimester. Therefore for most women this second trimester 13-27, is smooth sailing with no undercurrents or storms regarding your pregnancy. Let's look at what is happening with your darling little one before we see what has happened to your body.

Your baby is doing an Olympic race to see how much fat and flesh it can put on this semester. Eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows develop. Your baby is busy doing what everyone of us did at the second trimester 13-27, and that is slept, kicked, yawned, squirmed and sucked our thumb or other fingers, and even passed urine. Hey, we even made faces, just like your little one. At present your baby has the eyes tightly closed as the eyes are sensitive to light. The sexual organs are developed and you'll soon know the sex of your little one by using an ultrasound.

During this second trimester 13-27, the hair starts growing on the scalp and some fine downy hair, lanugo already covers most of the upper body. The skin that is developing secretes a protective coating to protect the skin from the amniotic fluid. Your baby will also grow tremendously during this second trimester. Your little one's muscle's are increasing in strength, and the movements are very quick.

In this second trimester 13-27, the eyelids, which were closed tight, will open. There is a quick response to sounds, as shown by movements or an increase in the heart beat rate. This is when you first begin to feel your young one's movements, which is fluttery. Some babies will hiccup a lot and that too the mothers will be able to feel during the second trimester.

Let's look at how your body is taking to the second trimester 13-27. You are literally getting BIG. You definitely cannot hide your pregnancy even if you wanted too. You'd have gained quite a bit by the end of this second trimester. As your size increases, your movements also slow down. The uterus is growing at a mind boggling rate and pushing at all the organs such as your bladder, stomach and even lungs, which explain the breathlessness that you may be feeling. Because the uterus is growing at break neck speed, stretch marks are going to make their mark soon.

The second trimester 13-27, is a good time to go window shopping for your young one and shopping for yourself. You have grown and soon will not be able to wear any of your clothes. So it's a good idea to buy your maternity clothes at the beginning of the second trimester.
Lots of different hormones are produced and they seem to increase your sex drive. There is no harm is having intercourse accept where the doctor has recommended not to. Keep doing your routine exercises like your daily walks. There is even something called maternity yoga which you can take up.

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