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Premature Labor Signs and Symptoms

Pregnancy is the period in a woman's life where she has to take extra caution to her body. It is the time when the body undergoes vital changes; hence precautions should be taken in order to ensure the health of the woman who has conceived the baby as well as for the delivery of a healthy baby as well. There are certain symptoms that all pregnant women undergo. These symptoms include vomiting tendencies in the early hours of the day, swollen ankles and a big tummy after the fifth month. These symptoms are a part of the pregnancy process and one does not need to worry about these. Unfortunately, these are other symptoms that indicate risk factors.

Women, after the news of their pregnancy should always go through a thorough study of these symptoms that might signify some news, requiring caution. One of the most significant problems that a woman might suffer from is preterm labor. In order to understand such a problem, the body shows signs prior to the damage. Hence, if the woman is careful enough to concentrate on the effects and conditions that are body is undergoing, then she can contact a doctor as soon as such signs are perceived. Taking precaution prior to the conception helps the woman and the baby as a conjoint being. The following lists some the symptoms associated with premature labor.

Occurrence of cramps that is similar to menstrual cramps. If a pregnant woman complains of a dull backache throughout her pregnancy, then it is time for caution as it might be an indication of premature labor. If there is pain pressure above the pubic bone. That is the area of the pubic hair if there is a sense of heaviness in the pelvic region, and then also the woman should not delay in calling up the doctor immediately. If there is a sudden increase in vaginal secretions or there is a change in the type of secretions, then the woman must bear in mind the factor of premature labor and must take immediate medical help.

Discharge of blood or Uterine contractions in a gap of ten minutes that span through an hour or so is a potent significant of premature labor. If there are symptoms of Urinary tract infection that includes a sensation of pain during urination, an urgent feel of urination in short span of time are also signifiers of preterm labor.

Woman suffering from diarrhea during pregnancy should bear it in mind that this might be a signal for premature labor.

What is advisable to the pregnant woman is to increase her power of concentration so that she can take adequate measure when such symptoms show up. She needs to give extra attention to the moods and turns of her body than she used to give previous to her days of pregnancy.

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