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Predicting Baby's Gender - Is it a Boy or a Girl?

If a woman is pregnant, she may meet many people who may try to guess the baby's gender by looking at her tummy's shape or asking her certain queries. Couples who know the gender of the unborn baby may try to search for a name for the baby before her birth, and many couples even buy gender specific things for the unborn baby. Other benefits of knowing the gender is that the parents can take precautions to prevent gender specific defects in the unborn baby, which she carries from her parent.

There are also benefits of waiting till childbirth as you can surprise yourself and you may want your guess to be correct. Sometimes, you just want to feel good for whatever gender the baby has and you do not wish to know it in advance.

Methods to Know the Gender of the Baby

Ultrasound: The sound waves graphics generated by the method of ultrasound can tell the gender of the baby and ultrasound can be done after the eighteenth week of pregnancy. Ultrasound is one of the most accurate method of determining the gender but it is not hundred percent accurate. The age of the baby and experience of the medical practitioner also determine the accuracy of the result of the ultrasound.

Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS): Chorionic villus sampling is a method that uses the cells collected from the placenta to determine the genetic defects mainly, the chromosomal defects, of the baby. The method is ninety-nine percent accurate but there are many risks of the method. There are chances of miscarriage (in 4% cases) and it can also cause preterm labor. The method is only applied for women who are at a high risk of delivering baby having chromosomal defects.

Amniocentesis: It is performed on women to analyze the genetic defects in the fetus and it can be sued to determine the gender of the baby. Amniocentesis can be done between the ninth to eighteenth weeks of pregnancy.

For amniocentesis the medical practitioner takes a sample of the fluid form the uterus of the pregnant women and examines the fluid. The result of amniocentesis s can be ninety nine percent accurate. The side effect of amniocentesis is that it can cause miscarriage.

Traditional Methods of Determining the Gender

1. Heart rate: If the heart beat is under 140 per minute then it is a boy and if the heart rate is above 140, it is a girl.

2. Shape of abdomen: Mothers who have protruding abdomen in the front have a boy and those who have distributed weight throughout the abdomen have a girl.

3. Urine test: Bright yellow urine is found in case of a boy and clear urine is for girl.

4. Morning sickness: Mothers not suffering from morning sickness have a boy and if suffering from morning sickness - it is a girl.

5. Breast size: Right breast is bigger as compared to left - than a boy otherwise girl.

6. Craving for sweet or salt: If you crave for salt than a boy otherwise a girl.

7. Chinese lunar calendar: It can also predict the gender.

8. Ring test: Ring tests are done by hanging the ring with a thread and noticing its motions.

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