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Pelvic Pain during Pregnancy

The pelvic bones are connected at the joint called symphysis pubis. The joint is supported by a network of tissues, which helps the baby to pass through the pelvis and the body of a pregnant woman releases a hormone called relaxin, which reduces the pressure of the ligaments. During pregnancy these joints move more and this can cause pain in the joints, which is called symphysis pubis dysfunction or SPD. The pain is caused because the gap between the pubic joint increases during pregnancy.

Symphysis pubis dysfunction

The tissues surrounding the symphysis pubis soften during pregnancy and the gap between the joints increase. If the two parts of the pelvis do not move proportionately, it can cause pain. The pain can be caused even if the gaps between the two joints do not increase. The pain is commonly found in pregnant women and it can also stay back in women after giving birth.

There are many other reasons for pelvic pain during pregnancy

1. Pelvic pain can be caused if the fetus implants on the uterus and grows there.

2. Ectopic pregnancy can cause pain because the fertilized egg attaches itself to the outside of the uterus. Other symptoms are bleeding and cramps.

3. Cramps can be caused if the body produces hormones to increases the elasticity of the tissues.

4. Infections can cause pain in the urinary tract and it gives burning sensation during urination.

5. Orgasm can cause cramps and contraction of the uterus. Since the uterus is large, women may feel pain.

Symptoms of pelvic pain

1. Hip pain

2. Back pain

3. Pain in the pelvic girdle.

4. Clicking sensation in the pubic area.

5. Pain in the thighs and legs that gets worse when the woman walks.

6. Pain in night.

7. Many women suffering from pelvic pain find it very difficult to walk.

8. Pain increases if you walk upstairs or move around the bed.

Treatment for Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

1. Exercise can be done to improve balance of the tummy, back and pelvis. One should do exercises during pregnancy under the guidance of an expert.

2. Acupuncture is also helpful in pregnancy.

3. Osteopathy and pelvic support relief releases pain.

4. Do not move the legs apart when you lie down and prevent damage or shock movement as you get in or out of the bed or car.

5. Go for a walk daily before going to bed.

6. Take complete rest and prevent exerting movements.

7. Avoid applying heat to the painful parts.

8. You can keep the pillows between the knees to re-align the pelvic bones, as you lie on the bed.

9. Avoid lifting heavy objects and also you can avoid pushing heavy objects such as trolley or box.

10. Do not swim or make breath strokes as the pain goes away in water but after coming out the water, the pain gets back.

Pelvic pain after baby birth: After delivery of the baby, the pelvic pain will reduce but many women suffer from pelvic pain just before the start of the monthly period. The hormones released during the monthly cycle have similar effect on the pelvic joints.

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