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Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is common in pregnant women in the first trimester. It starts after four or five weeks of pregnancy, the time when the placenta starts producing a pregnancy hormone, and it goes away after the thirteenth week of pregnancy. It is called morning sickness but women may feel it any time in the day and it can be triggered by certain odours or food products.
There are many traditional remedies, which can be taken to cure the problem of morning sickness.

1. Take small meals many times in a day. You can carry fruits or crackers with you wherever you go and take it when you feel your stomach is empty. Never keep the stomach empty.

2. Eat food that is easy to digest. Take food that is low in fat but high in protein and carbohydrate.

3. You can take drink of peppermint and lemon mixed with salt. You can take the sour flavoured food products such as lemonade and pickles.

4. Make ginger root extract or ginger tea, by boiling ginger root and take it early in the morning.

5. Before going to bed take a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.

6. Do not eat oily food and stay away from odours, which can cause morning sickness.
7. Walking and breathing exercises helps in getting fresh air.

8. Carry raw almonds with you and take it when you feel hungry.

9. During pregnancy stomach makes more acids and you can drink water or fluids to reduce the acid levels.

10. Do not take carbonated drinks or food products containing chemical substances. Avoid artificial sweeteners and caffeine, which can further cause production of stomach acids. Do not eat junk food.

11. Do not skip meals or starve yourself as it may exaggerate the condition and if you are gaining proper weight, then you need not worry.

12. Massage the neck and shoulder with oils to soothe the muscles and to relax.

13. Take a diet rich in vitamin B and calcium. If you are not getting adequate amount of vitamins and minerals, you can take supplements.

14. Wheat germs can be mixed with milk and taken in each hour.

15. Early morning fresh air and sunlight reduces morning sickness. Take a lot of rest. Keep your bedroom clean and dirt free.

16. Do not overeat. You can take fresh juices to reduce the sensation of nausea.

17. Do not brush your teeth immediately after having a meal as it can cause vomiting.

18. Avoid stress and heavy physical work. Delegate your work to people around you.

19. Avoid alcohol and smoking and drugs can trigger the condition. Certain iron supplements may cause vomiting and you can either change the drug or take fruit juices along with it.

20. You can take a few drops of peppermint oil to reduce the symptoms.

21. Before getting out of bed, take crackers.

22. Wearing wristband also helps in reducing morning sickness.

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