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Heartburn during Pregnancy

Handling a pregnancy is not a joke, and those who have been pregnant will definitely support this. Being pregnant requires more energy and effort that a labourer would need, and it needs more care than any illness that might affect one's body. Even one small thing that goes wrong in pregnancy or during childbirth can put the life of the mother as well as the child at risk. This is precisely the reason why doctors tell pregnant women to be extra careful with their diets, exercising etc.

However, sometimes things necessarily do not go smooth, and a pregnant woman has chances of facing some minor problems. One of them happens to be heartburn. There are several causes behind the heartburn that a pregnant woman has to face. Though medical experts have found out the most common reason behind such heartburns is hormonal changes that occur in the body. We all know that the body of a woman faces multiple changes when she is pregnant, and it is all a game of the hormones - which if spoilt can have serious consequences. Usually when the hormones of the body have a certain problem during pregnancy, then the ligaments tend to become soft and the acids instead of being properly emitted get pushed back to the oesophagus, which is the main reason behind the heartburn.

However, monitoring these heartburns can be simple if you know where exactly you are going wrong. Sometimes, some specific kinds of foods and other dietary habits of the pregnant woman do not suit her and her stomach as a result of which she has to face heartburn. Changing these dietary habits and eating healthier and well balanced meals is all that is needed to prevent you from facing heartburn. Eat healthy and light foods which are low on fatty acids and oils, and try including more of vegetables and fruits in the diet.

Water of course is very important when you are suffering from heartburn during pregnancy. This is because water being a natural coolant not only keeps your body salts in balance, but also helps in cooling down the oesophagus and getting rid of the acids that have caused the heartburn in your body.

Ideally, you should avoid taking medication for heartburn during pregnancy, or for that matter any kind of medication for anything, however small the problem may be. This is because medication stands a chance of affecting the health of the unborn child which is still in a very sensitive state in your womb. Try and depend more on natural remedies and other natural and herbal processes. But of course, if the problem is really bad and none of the home remedies or natural cures seems to be working for you, then you should not delay your consultation with the doctor and should get the problem sorted as soon as possible without delaying it. The simplest way of course to get rid of this problem is by making small lifestyle changes which go a long way in not only helping cure heartburn but also help in the healthy development of the baby.

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