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Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Early symptoms of pregnancy may differ from person to person. Many women face a lot of early symptoms of pregnancy while other faces a little. Approximately all women experience pregnancy symptoms or the other as these symptoms vary from woman to woman.

The first thing is to observe that if a woman is suffering from the following symptoms. The very initial symptom is the missed menstruation period. This is generally the first sign of pregnancy that a woman can identify at home. However, some women declare that they are pregnant before missing a menstruation period. Tenderness of breasts is also one of the early symptoms. On the other hand tenderness of breasts is imminent symptom of menstruation period but not puffy breasts. Stinging and engorged breasts with an itchy impression may indicate the pregnancy sooner.

Spotting is another common early symptom of pregnancy in most women. Before the commencement of any other symptoms, some women state what appears to be a short light phase. This may be referred to as implantation bleeding but not menstruation period. If one is pregnant and can observe a spotting immediately one should visit the health care provider, since spotting also signifies miscarriage. Digestive system can also be affected by the changes of hormones, which may at last result in constipation. Intake of lot of water and workouts can be of a real help. A woman who is pregnant should take advice from her doctor about the exercise she can do.

Heartburn or stomachache may also be considered as one of the early symptoms of pregnancy. In the initial level of pregnancy i.e. during the first to fourth month, the reason of heart burn may be caused by the hormonal changes. During five to nine months, the baby may make pressure on the pregnant woman's organs. Consumption of repeated mini meals rather than one long meal and resting in an upright or standing posture for minimum sixty minutes after meals may be helpful. Headaches are also pretty ordinary and initiates at around one and half months. A swift siesta can aid in preventing headaches during pregnancy. Toxemia can initiate with headache and may prove risky to a pregnant woman. When the pain is not tolerable ensure to visit your health care provider immediately.

Queasiness allied with morning sickness may be another significant cause that draws out the consideration to this way. Most women declare that they are suffering from nausea up to 15 days before an anticipated menstruation period and also prior to any other symptom. Consumption of nuts and bananas can aid with morning sickness. And also remember to have several mini meals rather than one long meal, this also proves to be helpful in nausea associated to morning sickness.

If one observes any of the early symptoms described above, ensure to go for a home test. Prenatal care is essential at that time immediately, only if the outcome is in positive. Prenatal vitamins and folic acid would be advisable to prevent birth defects.

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