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Early Pregnancy Test

The first question is how soon can we determine the pregnancy?

Pregnancy test can be established via HCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin) pregnancy i.e. the recognition of the HCG hormone in the woman's urine. Defining this in technical terms is referred to as a glycoprotein hormone secreted by the growing placenta abruptly after the fertilized egg has implanted in the uterine lining. Test sensitivity is associated with early detection, with lower sensitivity level; sooner a test can detect pregnancy. HCG is the most sensitive pregnancy tests, it can detect near about 8 days following implantation of the egg.
If a lady is pregnant then the quantity of HCG that should be present in her system is around 25mlU, 50mlU, 100mlU at 10, 12, 14 days past ovulation respectively. Blood test can decide pregnancy as low as among 5-10mlU/HCG, however with levels of 5mlU, an irrefutable determination cannot be made without risking false positive.

The card that is available at drugs stores determines pregnancy at the levels of 50mlU-100mlU. One can opt for the early detection of pregnancy test with sensitivity levels as low as 20mlU. Remember to follow the guidelines carefully.

In order to be confident, using of first morning urine helps to detect pregnancy sooner, it is because for the reason that this urine involves the high concentrated amount of HCG. If first morning urine cannot be availed, then evade urinating for more hours before the pregnancy test is used and that urine can be used to detect the pregnancy. Urinating repeatedly reduces the quantity of HCG in the urine and it becomes intrusive in detecting early.

On performing a test, a faint line or the color band generally indicates the positive result. It generally detects within 5-10 minutes or the resulting period of the test. If it is done as written on the wrapper is likely to produce positive result within the recommended period. Performing the test early may not give the correct result as the quantity of HCG may not be enough in the body for the tests to be done. HCG gets doubled after every couple of days. Therefore, it is recommended to test after some time has passed. Remember to make use of first morning urine to get an expected outcome as the concentration of HCG is high in this urine.

Since test perceives HCG at different levels, a faint line or a weak line is observed as a stronger line on a 20mlU.

At times, an early pregnancy is identified which produces a negative outcome, which means that a chemical pregnancy, where implantation takes place followed by a miscarriage, typically before any other symptoms of pregnancy is determined.

Following are the sensitivity levels that are measured:

Early test: 20mlUs HCG

E.P.T: 40mlUs HCG

Clearblue easy: 50mlUs HCG

Store Brand: Rite-Aid 50mlUs HCG

First Response: 100mlUs HCG

Answer: 100mlUs HCG

Store Brand: Equate/Walmart 100mlUs HCG

Q Test: 100mlUs HCG

Store Brands: Walgreens 100mlUs HCG

Precise: 100mlUs HCG

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